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Looking for Gray Kydex T...


Middlebury, VT
So I got hooked onto Kydex like others here, and found that while black is in stock everywhere, nobody that has a presence online (that've I found) has any other color except maybe white.

If by chance you know where I can source a few sheets of Kydex T in a shade of gray, .028", please do share. I might even take a sheet of .040". But I've wasted a few days chasing every kydex supplier of full sheets that I can find with no luck.

Or.... if 10-15 of you want a couple sheets, the minimum order from Kydex is 30 sheets. lol...

Just did the interior of my Javron in gray .040. Got it at Piedmont Plastics here in Greensboro, NC. They had like 200 sheets of it at one of their other facilities. Paid $90 per sheet for it. I worked with Scott Price on my order. His email is sprice@piedmontplastics.com

Why “T”? A CAR3 airplane doesn’t require all the fancy certificates, and you won’t know the difference.
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All I’ve ever used is Kydex 100. It’s all the local shop stocked. I enjoyed working with it a lot more than with carbon fiber.
lol.... damn yankee's starting to sound like west coastie's ?

Called Scott at the Greensboro location, humor struck quick.

Me : Hi Scott, looking for some gray kydex.
Scott : Hey buddy, where you calling from?
Me : Vermont
Scott : Well heck you gonna want to check one of our branches out by you, we are all the way out here on the East Coast!
Me : Oh you're not too far, I'm on the East Coast as well...
Scott : You said you were from Vermont.. ?
Me : Yep, sure am....

hahahahahaha Good times

So Piedmont's 34 branches have no gray in stock less than .090. But, maybe in a month, in Philly. Philly and Knoxville seem to be the hot market for Kydex from Piedmont Plastics.
So I'll keep looking, and maybe have to wait until next month.

Thanks for the help.

ps - Bell Helicopter is an account of Piedmont in K-Town, which is why that location seems to do a bit more Kydex than other locations, but overall it's not a big mover for the company.
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Update in case anyone has a lead, the order of Gray coming into Piedmont at Philly next month is all for one customer, so none left for anyone else. Back to square one. Might have to suck it up and just use black on everything, although really not the idea.

I doubt it Pete, but paint or wrapping is an option. Neither probably worthwhile for me but an option.

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Take a look at this thread. I was in the same situation two years ago.

Yep I read through that and hoped to find one of your alternatives.
Sadly the few places that listed it all replied it was no longer carried or again nothing they stocked or ordered in small quantities.

At the moment I have a small chance of the kydex mfg adding a few sheets to one of their runs. Their rep is looking into it for me.


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Hi All
I am looking for some Kydex for the interior of my cub project. So I would like .028 thick. It seams to harder then I thought to get it and I don't need 30 sheets or 600 lbs. Does anyone have a couple sheets to sell or know where I can buy a couple sheets. At this point I will take about any color.
Peter B, I think you are working on a project so I thought you may have a source.
Black 028 was available online and from some distributors when I was looking. Grey was super tough to find.

Trying to remember the name - had places in Albany, Boston, Knoxville, etc. I’ll look again