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Looking Back - Alaska 2010

Patrol Guy

east of the river
All of your "going to Alaska" talk at least got me off my butt and I posted some pictures from last year's trip.

This was our 2010 trip to Alaska. We started by stopping off at the super cub fly-in at Johnson Creek, ID. From there, we flew to Porthill, ID (a grass strip) for our border crossing, then up a beautiful remote mountain valley, which we called the Pre-Trench. After doing that part, the actual Trench we flew was mild.

These slides are of the first part of the Alaska portion of the trip. The cabin at the end of the slide show is what we rented for a base camp for the next two weeks of exploring. Hopefully, I will get around to putting them up here.
Great show John. Just down to earth pilots and family having a good time together and enjoying life with friends kids and dogs. To me this is what memory's of a good time is all about. We really liked the music also.