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Lonestar STOL Gainesville TX


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Hey guys!
We need more signups for Lonestar! With all the events going on we realize super busy. Sign up today!
National STOL Series
Phone: 817.996.7340
Email: doug@nationalstol.com
Website: www.nationalstol.com

Gainesville Municipal Airport (GLE), Gainesville, Texas - September 23, 24 & 25
2300 Airport Dr, Gainesville, TX 76240

Come out and watch backcountry pilots demonstrate their amazing flying skills as they take off, and land their bushplanes in incredibly short distances.

Since the success of the first Lonestar Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) Competition, held March 2020 in Gainesville, the Husky National STOL Series has hosted STOL events throughout the United States and are now returning to Gainesville Municipal Airport, to where it all began to host the 2021 Husky National STOL Series Final Championships, in conjunction with the Lonestar STOL Fly In and Competition.
The condition to win the event is simple; the person with the lowest score takes home the victory. “They (the pilots) take off, we measure their takeoff distance from where the wheels leave the ground and they come back and land and we measure that distance to where the wheels stop. We add those numbers and that makes their score,” explained Doug Jackson.
The World’s Shortest Take-off record holder, Steve Henry will be competing, along with many other well-known, skilled pilots within the STOL community, with pilots traveling from as far as Florida, California and Canada.
There are 3 days of events, with Thursday being the first day of open practice. Qualifying begins at 10am on Friday and the Main event is Saturday at 11:00am. The event will continue until everyone completes their runs, which generally will finish by about 3:00pm.
Admission is $10, children 12 and under free.
More information about National STOL, as well as videos, can be found on our website at http://nationalstol.com or on Facebook at Husky National STOL.
I don't think you can top the weather from last year with all the rain that stopped just enough for us to fly. ;) Was a great time regardless. Can't wait, less than 2 weeks away.
You’d better pack your lunch Pierce. This old green cub I found abandoned at the nearby strip was pretty short today. I’m sure had to be all pilot skills and nothing to do with the 15-20 knot wind and 55* temp;-)
We weren't that cold but I was seeing 24 mph ground speed a few times on final. She was off the ground as soon as I could pull the stick and flaps.
50 here this morning Kevin but no wind however the high pressure made for some good performance and the airplane just felt right. The morning dew made the brakes useless, kinda reminded me of watching the heavies at Hondo when it started raining.
After a hot summer, anything close to sea level performance is a treat. Throw in a little wind and high pressure and it’s magic. It takes me a min to recalibrate when I head down the hill towards you
2024’ DA. Acvording to foreflightat 3:00 central

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