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L21B exhaust manifold gasket question


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I have a question about the steel no blow exhaust gaskets sold by Aircraft Spruce. Someone told me that these gaskets can be reused when removing and then reinstalling the exhaust manifold pipe. I disagree. My thinking is that the center sealing ring is meant to compress and seal any imperfections in the pipe flange and cylinder head connection. I feel that once that gasket has been installed it must be replaced when reinstalling the manifold pipe to the engine so that the seal can again conform to the imperfections between the pipe and cylinder head.

Please post your thoughts on this.2014.05.01 PARTS (2).JPG


  • 2014.05.01 PARTS (2).JPG
    2014.05.01 PARTS (2).JPG
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ummmmmm.... no answer to your stated question... but always belt sant the flanges on the exhaust flat again, and do NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE NUTS... use some anti size or red silicone on studs and gaskets...
They are advertised as reusable but not worth a $5-7 gasket and my time to find out. Maybe in a pinch when I didn't have a gasket away from home but only in a pinch for me.