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Just a -12 recover.... uhhh nope

So someone got cute and set the old panel up with a rubber iso- mount set up.. not factory.
Anyway, I don't have anything left as a way to attach the new cub dr panel... do any of you have pictures or better illustrations than my parts manual?
old pic of mine prior to disassembly. Ill look for another one of the bottom attachment to the cross tube.
Good shot thank you. I really need shots of the attachment across that lower bar and anything else pertinent.
There are two "P" clamps that wrap around the tube. The primer holds one to the panel on the right side and the carb heat or other control passes through the clamp holding the panel there.

Man that's funny... I thought thats what the ipb was illustrating. I guess i just couldn't believe my eyes .. thanks
Anyone have close ups of it installed from front and back?
Just got my package with all of Steve's "laser" (loved that movie)cut aluminum grommets.
Absolutely amazing stuff. Thank you for taking the time to make these things happen sir, the quality and functionality are superb. Now for inspection rings.