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Javron vs BBI Smith vs Other kits

A big cargo door is a game changer. Backcountry does it best. And space? I can lay down and stretch out with the back seat installed.


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Yaaaaaaaa, That's a super sweet setup....I love that huge door, my MTB would fit in there nicely lol.
That's Randy and Steph's SQ 18 (and one beautiful airplane). Has anyone put deep chord PSTOL flaps (17") on a cub with standard chord 13.5" (Javron wing) ailerons? Probably look a little funny with 3.5" deeper flaps than ailerons but what I'm wondering is, could you get more flap for better deck angle and air brakes (drag) without negative effect to cruise speeds or handling by hanging deep chord flaps with standard control surfaces?
I can't speak to increased chord, but I can speak to increased span of 110". The long flaps without slats or Vgs provides a lot of lift with a reasonable nose pitch attitude. There is so much lift it feels as though it needs to be shot down. And it doesn't require power to take advantage of the lift. Slats require power in order to extract the maximum use of them and reduce cruise speed.
I finished my Javron Cub last year. Very Very one more time Very strong, well built, and parts fit like a machinist designed and built it!!!! :unsure:
Are you aware that the Javron kit does not come with drawings and/or assembly manuals?
Could be daunting task for first time builder. Can overcome that with a lot of research on the web but can be a struggle if no previous experience.
I am in Owensboro, Ky. if you want to drop in and have a close look. A TCOW is in the hangar as well.
My ideas regarding kits. 1. Javron quoted lead times mean exactly zero. They do not have a good handle on that. I was quoted 8 months and it took 16 and it was short quite a few parts that trickled in over the next few months. 2. Javron quality is, as most will tell you, excellent. I haven't had any issues with parts that I didn't create. 3. I'm not that familiar with other kits but I don't think resell is significantly impacted by kit manufacturer with the exception of carbon cubs. 4. It is super easy to run the price up by feeling like you have to have all the cool stuff. If price matters, you really need to decide what's important to you and then delete half of them. I'm not kidding, every decision you make can cost thousands. Save most of your money for gas. 5. Everybody will ask when you think you will finish. Just tell them June. Don't say what year.

6. Order your engine shortly after you order your kit. I'm almost a year into my build and still don't have my engine because I waited too long to order it. 7. You want to own or have access to sheet metal breaks and shears. They make the sheet metal work much easier. 8. Keep in mind that the Javron kit is not on the faa approved list so you really need to keep track of your work so you can prove 51%. I'll probably think of a few more.