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Javron - Panel, Cockpit Upper Left Trim and Sliding window installation

Scott A

Park City, UT
So I have the 'blank' cockpit upper left trim panel (Drawing 12617). I need to fit it and then bend the ½ inch flange on the bottom.

Attaching at the top into the channel looks straightforward (PK screws or nut plates). At the bottom, it looks like it screws up into the steel flange with their called out "5 equally spaced holes".

My question pertains to the aft section where the top sliding window retainer channel goes. Do you just screw up through the window retainer channel and the flange on the trim panel together or does the trim panel flange get attached in that area before you tip the windows up into place (with the upper window channel sitting on the windows)? It seems the heads of the screws would make the window retainer channel have a gap (and I don't see any gap in most of the pictures I can find).

As far as the sliding window retainer channels (with the felt fuzzies inside) - it seems like I should put both verticals into their slots first, then the bottom so it holds the verticals in place - then slip the windows into the bottom channel with the top channel sitting on the windows and tip windows up into position so the top channel also holds the verticals in place. Then slide the windows left and right to get screws up through the channel and the flange on the left cockpit trim piece (?)

I could have saved you all that reading by just asking - how to install the upper left trim panel and the upper window retainer channel. :)

On mine I slide both windows forward and screw the channel in the back, slide the back and screw the front. Screws in the fuzzy channel up into the fuselage channel. Or machine screws with nuts if you dont want a screw poking out.
I install the wing root panel, bottom window channel, side window channels, then hold the two windows making sure the outboard one is forward (have seen people mix that up and then it departs the aircraft on flight) then slide the top channel over the sliding windows and tip into place and drill a couple of #40 holes, burn with soldering iron so I can see them and install #4 PK screws, 2 or 3. The screws go through the bottom lip of the wing root panel.
One in for repair and you can see the screw holes. This one has two screws in it.


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