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J3 prices in 2023

Another Cubber

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short final
What can a decent stock 65hp be had for these days in the southeast or Midwest region? Prices of everything have been all over the place last couple years. Still can’t believe what I got for my spam can a year ago. Hadn’t been following cubs too closely last couple years. decided over the weekend I’m gonna by damn be flying a j3 by the time it’s warm enough to have the doors open on one.
65hp is going to definitely limit the cost as most of them have been upgraded to the 85 or 90 horse engines. The market is all over the place on J3's depending on condition but I'd say 30k plus or minus 5k would be a good middle of the road price.
Guess that’s in line with what I was hoping to hear. Amazing how many 45k planes from 5 years ago are bringing 100 or more. Not worried about engine, have a pickled c-85 I been saving for a special occasion. Don’t have time to do fabric work these days so on the lookout for something clean.
I sold my J3 last year for $30k. It was a fair airframe with no electrics and stock tank, wings were from 1969 with Irish Linen and fuselage done in 1994 with ceconite, Cleveland wheels and brakes. Best thing about it was the 200 hr C85 stroker with a 7438 McCauley, it jumped off the ground and handled well. Probably could have gotten $3-5k more on the open market, but I was happy to sell it locally to a new pilot who is flying it regularly.
The wood spars can last 80 years and longer no problem as long as they stay sealed with varnish. The paint/fabric is the problem. Would likely require a recover. Hard pass.

Numbers matching A65 to airframe? Might be of value to a collector but for flying I'd go with the C85 and not be concerned about some numbers matching.