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J-4 Trim Tab


A friend is rebuilding the tail on a J-4. We need to remove the Trim Tab to reskin it. How does one go about removing the hinge rod, so the Tab can be taken off the elevator.
Try calling Bob Schefter @ 218-205-0463.
He owns a restoration shop in Fergus Falls, MN, and has just completed restoration of a J4 or J4 A, not sure which. He is a great guy & will be helpful.
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Looks like it should have access holes

Hey. We are restoring J4A 4-568 here in Norway and we need to rebuild the trim system completely. All parts gone. We are especially interested in the trim tab screw jack actuator. Do you know enybody that might have an old one? If we don’t find one, we will have to machine and build one from scratch. Do you have any pictures or drawings of the inside of one?
Thanks! Henrik


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Thanks. This looks like a different type of mechanism where the actuator is in the stab and not the elevator. Do you know which one is the original on the 1939 J4A? Would love more details on the other (square) type shown in the pictures in the thread above.
Thanks again.
I looked in both manuals I have. As far as I know there weren't any 1939 A models? Not till 1940. These prints are J4 so my opinion is these as for a 39 model? You probably have a 1940 tail group?


Ok. My info says ours is built as an A with date May 10th 1939. But even if you are right I would be very happy to get hold of the details on how the square type actuator shown in these pictures is bulit:)
Thanks a lot for your help. 👍


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All our documents say J4A, and built May 1939, shiped to Denmark for assembly and flown to Norway winter/spring of 1940. looks like it had a A 50 engine. Is it a J4, then? This is one of the earliest pictures of it.


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