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It all STARTS with a DREAM!

Thanks Clyde and Susan :D

I really figured I'd be starting to bore y'all with a blow by blow description of every hour ~I~ fly beyond this point.

I am thrilled that this entire venture did indeed START with a DREAM :D and a lil ole SuperCUB! and who'da thunk it? :eek:

Although I may seldom comment, I do read all of the threads here at Supercub.org and have learned SO much from the collective experiences and wisdom (etal) that I have found here. I am curiouser and curiouser here as a result :wink:

Hereby starts another thread... http://www.supercub.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=190877#190877
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:onfire: WA-HOOO!!!! I just went FLYING in a SUPERCUB with GREAT BIG WHEELS!:eek: (THANKS Brian! :wink: ) YAY! I am TW current again AND I filled up anOTHER page in the logbook, most appropriately, with the last entry a SUPERCUB! (with great BIG tires :eek:)

Brian flew over here early this afternoon, after extricating the Cub from the shadow of a great big fancy G5 (the cub is way cooler) and landed right here...

<<<---------------------------- (see avatar) in a "make you sit up and take notice" brisk direct crosswind. After a nice "squeak squeak" good landing 8), he taxiied up to the field. A few short minutes later... we were OFF and FLYING!! :angel:

Our destination was a private grass strip nearby (called first) that neither of us had ever been to before. Luckily, the cross wind here was straight down the runway there :wink:. This little private strip is one of the best kept secrets around here that one of my neighbors was kind enough to tell me about. 3,400 X 80 nice SMOOTH grass, totally deserted, NO traffic whatsoever other than a few :bad-words: BUZZARDS (not an issue).

Boy I sure do like landing on turf. BOY those great big tires ARE fun!

Thanks again Brian :D It was a beautiful day to fly. Thanks for rescuing me from gravity :D .

I hope to be taking you for a ride in MY plane soon (uh, you might have to wrassle with :anon ). Sorry guys, it looks like a TWO seater, we'll just have to take TURNS :roll: flying the AIRPLANE! WHEEEE!

:angel: :angel: :angel:
Hi Lynne!

Glad you had a good time. I do have to admit though that I am one of the many who suffer from BIHT (Bushwheel-induced Hypotestosteronism) .......................... my tires are only the Goodyear 26" ............ :oops: for now anyway!

99.2 hours and counting...

Yeee-HAW!! :onfire:

Just back from the Fall Aerobatic Championships at Sebring. There was an unusually large group of Primary competitors (9) including many with nice little airplanes, LOTS of experience (Commercial pilots) and a group of aeronautical degree students from the Embry-Riddle Aerobatic Club. I flew an Aviat Pitts S2-B while waiting for a Giles 202 to arrive, then flew another Giles before the one arrived that I was flying to compete. I flew a total of 4 practice flights including one flight with my safety pilot where he flew two of his intermediate sequences (+9 G's!) (whew!). He won the Intermediate category. :D

Primary flew on Saturday. I placed third in the first flight for a medal, outscoring all the Embry-Riddle boys AND their instructor! On the second flight, I came in fourth (the Instructor rallied to 3rd place). Just discovered that I have probably also placed (second?) in two annual regional championships as well... South-East AND Mid-America :eek:

The day after the contest, I had an opportunity to fly two more types of aircraft (almost 30 types total now!). First, a big STRONG Russian airplane (Da!)... The SUKHOI SU-29. WOWIE!!! :onfire: If you could stand this airplane on it's tail somehow, it's got enough power to take off from the ground in a vertical position! I flew with Sergie Boriak, several time World and European Aerobatic Champion and one of the most sought after Aerobatic coaches in the world. Strapping on THAT airplane is a life-altering experience. BIG 9 cylinder engine ROARS like big Russian bear. I ratcheted down the straps as tight as I possibly could and held onto the stick with TWO hands. Sergie put the plane through some of it's paces, then let me fly a few maneuvers. WOW! The seat reclines and your feet are strapped onto the rudders. It's possible to pull a lot of G's without even feeling them. I sure do feel it today though :yeow: I've got bruises on ALL of my attach points AND my butt. Good thing my Honey's here to make me feel better! :kiss:

As soon as we got down, I hopped into another airplane, a Cap-10-B. (think "French Connection"). Certainly not as powerful as the Sukhoi, but well balanced and very capable. Graceful is the word that comes to mind.

I've now got 99.2 hours TT (Soooo close!). I may be able to accompany one of my neighbors for a short flight in a gorgeous 1941 Stearman with an R-985 engine and fly that around the patch a bit, and then get up with another neighbor in a Dutch Military trainer Fokker (S-11 Instructor) to hit hour one-hundred UP-SIDE-DOWN!! :onfire:

I'm waiting for UPS to deliver my own parachute :D

THEN... I'm HOPING that this beautiful little Clipped-wing Taylorcraft that we've found up in Ohio works out and I'll have an AIRPLANE that I can fly OVER and OVER again. :D (Well at least it's RELATED to a Supercub) :wink:

:angel: :angel: :angel:

Congratulations Lynne!!
You've had some great times in that short 100hrs.

I'm sure you've got lots of help with the T Craft,
but if you plan on Aerobatics with it, I'd sure call
Warren Pietsch for a little more insight. He's a great guy
and I'm sure would be glad to visit with you. 701-852-4092

Stay Safe,
Thanks Brad,

I looked up Warren's web-site. It turns out that I have seen his routine (Sun 'n Fun the year before last). He's got a 14 foot wingspan on that T-craft. I'll BET he knows something about flying a clipped wing! The one I'm looking at is 11 feet :eek: Hmmm.... Thanks for the phone number. I believe I will give him a call :D The airplane has a Continental 0-200 engine, inverted systems, aerodynamically boosted tail with extra flying wires and currently weighs just a little over 800 lbs. It's a single seater now, but I'd want to put a bench seat back in there to revert it to dual. (and do everything possible to keep it LIGHT). We'd have to add another set of rudder pedals and a "Y" stick. I'd like to get plenty of dual time in it before doing much more than building cross country time. I've not flown up-side down by myself yet. Solo acro is flown in the center of the seat with feet on the outside rudders. I hope to get at least a year or two of flying time before re-covering. I know you guys will have LOTS of tips about keeping it light :D I sure do hope it works out.

100+ Hours!!

Oh Boy! :angel: Just when I couldn't stand the suspense anymore (and just itching to get into an airplane), I remembered that there was a famous airshow pilot (the "Flying Farmer"very recently retired from Rhinebeck Aerodrome) that spent the Winters down in Venice (about 22 miles SW of where I am), so... I looked him up http://segallad.tripod.com/AerobaticInstructions/index.html and made arrangements to go flying with him this morning and spent my...
100th hour in the air... UP-SIDE-DOWN!! :onfire:

Wheeee! Practiced rolls and loops and Cuban 8's and learned how to do an Immelman and a Hammerhead out over the Gulf of Mexico. It was a wonderful day to fly :D


Oh... and when I got home, there was a lovely postcard in the mailbox from SUPERCUB.ORG! Thanks Steve :wink:
OK... Toes and fingers crossed here.

Awaiting the completion of a wing strut AD and the results of a full condition inspection (Experimental Exhibition Category)... Toes tapping, pacing back and forth...:bang Hoping to find out soon whether in fact I will at looong last have an airplane of my own to fly! I am SO looking forward to learning the flight and ground handling characteristics of just ONE airplane. Although it has certainly been a great deal of fun flying the nearly 30 different types that I have flown to date, it will be a novel experience getting used to just one. :wink:

We've done the title search and pored over the FAA records. The airplane has a good history, has been well-cared for and has always been hangared. She shore is purty too! 8) Hopefully more details (and pictures) will be forthcoming soon. Acksurely, y'all have already seen a picture of the cockpit array and placards. :wink: Wish me luck please!

Lynne :angel:
How would the wing strut AD effect an experimental category aircraft other than personal piece of mind for safety? Congratulations on getting your own ship.
The airplane was originally registered in the standard category before modifications were made for aerobatic flight. The AD applies to original certificated parts. There was a bunch of confusion regarding this issue. The owner had been told previously that the AD didn't apply or did apply depending on which FSDO, A&P or IA he queried. :roll: We asked one of the most knowledgeable persons regarding the type in the country and finally got a straight answer. Piece of mind and safety was most definitely a factor in opting to comply.

I hope to spend a LOT of time in this airplane and eventually rack up enough cross-country time to go for an instrument rating before a BFR is due. (if not, I'll go for a glider or float-plane rating).

I really hope that this particular ship will be the one for me. I'll post as soon as I know for sure. :D

Happy New Years!

Have we got any S-cubbers near Youngston, OH? That's where the airplane is (Braceville actually) while the A&P's scratch their heads and whatevers trying to figure out what they should do re: the inspection and (applicable or not) AD. This airplane has been highly modified from original condition. The wing strutts are very much beefed up. OK, the holidaze have probably contributed to the delay, but I really do want to get the airplane in a place where I can make a few other mods and start FLYING it!!! NOW!!! Argh! :crazyeyes:

Alright... I was trying to wait for these issues to be resolved before making the announcement, but I suppose it's time to tell you now about my resolution for the new year to finally change my name... for the first time ever... :eek: Yep, you guessed it right...

The lucky man is Randy Reinhardt, man and pilot Extra-ordinAIRE. :wink: I will be the lucky girl. :angel:

I am making myself a dress with special slits to accommodate the wearing of my own parachute from a WWII German fighter pilot's emergency reserve silk parachute that I presume was shot down in '45 by one of our guys. Except for the smudges from it's one assumed use, it's in absolutely beautiful condition. I'll just gather the spill hole about my waist and attach it to a bodice made from other parts of the chute. I'll make Randy a matching silk aviator scarf from the same silk to wear. We'll be doing the deed at the Sebring, FL Aerobatic Championships this Spring. IN an aeroplane of course :angel: with someone conducting the ceremony via radio whilst we fly together in the aerobatic box. "I DO" will be announced over the radio and verified by a rocking of the wings and a slow roll. The first "dance" will be an aerobatic ballet, then we will fly off into the sunset together briefly before returning to land for a BIG party on the ramp.

I am SO looking forward to spending the rest of my life with this man. :D

Y'all are of course invited :D First week in May... details will be forthcoming :angel:


The future Mrs. Reinhardt :angel:

First week of May, would Valdez be a better option???? We like fun stuff up here too! :lol:

My best to you and the future Mr. Dreamer!!!!!!!!!

Go for life, you only get one chance!

Advise: when wrong, admit it, when right-Shut up! :drinking: :drinking:
Valdez, huh? I just checked. It's 3 deg F there and 61 in Sarasota. By May VDZ might reach 45 for a high. The T-Craft has no heat or skis. As the future Mr. Dreamer (I prefer "Mr. The Dream"), think I'll stick with Florida. Besides, I don't remember reading about any ship called the Exxon Sebring. Also, it's 3711nm from SRQ to VDZ. Not sure we could get there by May. But mainly, I still haven't thawed out from ferrying F-4s from Elmendorf to Ton Son Nhat and there is no refueling probe on a BC12D.
Hey Randy... You ever heard the expression "Dead Man Walking" :D

Just Kidding, Congratulations!! To both you and Lynne.

LOL! :lol: Thanks Brad :D We're settling into the hangar again after one of them there trips where the road just seems to get longer every time you drive down it (I-75 thru GA is just BRUTAL!). My poor little lap-top computer is barely limping along. I don't dare shut it down again now before finding a 'nuther <egads> Randy's not walking much seeing as he's now recovering from a BIG broken bone (hip), but he's very much alive :wink: and getting better every day. Thanks for the suggestion AKtango... That's sure a long way to go (I hope to see AK myself someday), but if you are ready for a whole different experience, come check out the Southernmost state! Still waiting for some A&P in Ohio to figure out what to do with the T-craft <sigh> Who'da thunk it would be so COMPLICATED to buy an aeroplane? :crazyeyes: :bad-words: :crazyeyes:

Hope someone out there in Supercubland is having fun FLYING!!! :angel: :angel: :angel: I am there in ALL my DREAMS!
It's an AIRplane!

YAY!! At looong last, after many delays, much confusion and lots of horrible weather in Northern Ohio, the pre-buy conditional inspection for the airplane we have been trying to purchase was done. YAY! It passed all tests with "flying" colors. Now to figure out how to get it out of the cold-soaked snowy North :angel: (will start another thread for suggestions :roll:)

Ain't she purty? :love:

I could get that airplane to Florida for you ... as could many others who hang around here. It would be a great adventure.
There's more details about the airplane in the "What kind of Trailer?" thread. Getting it ferried here (flown) would be great. I've contemplated doing it myself, but I just don't have the experience right now, let alone time in type. The logistics of driving up there (Randy with a healing broken hip), getting it to where we could change the seating arrangement etcetera (to get me checked out in it safely) and then embarking on the loong trip home (longer so as not to be flying across the mountains) would be challenging to say the least. We'd have to take turns driving and flying hopping from airport to airport along the way (we need the car). If anyone is up for a simpler one-way flight (pun intended), let me know. I've got accommodations here and can get you back home. PM me if you are serious.

Thanks! :angel:
It's HERE!!!!

:onfire: :onfire: :onfire: :onfire: :onfire:

Spent the last few hours rubbing off dead bugs (Golly, the very first time I washed an aeroplane that ~I~ own!) :wink: She's even purtier in person. I can't WAIT to start flying her! But first.... squawks to address... seating and controls to convert back to dual, etcetera, etcetera :roll:

But BOY! What a wonderful view out the slider into the hangar to see an AEROPLANE!!!

celebrating :drinking:


I can't stop grinning :angel: :angel: :angel:
bus tickets

12Geezer2 said:
Glad you got her home !!!I was even looking at BUS tickets :( :-? :D

Dan Dan Dan,,,,,,,,,,,I thought you were finishing a Harley,,,Me thinks ya want to buy some more Florida AV-Gas :D
Ha ! You are right Dave; Even a nice old Harley should NOT interfere with a nice cross country in a tail dragger or the possibility of purchasing fuel in Florida---but Homestead may have been a bit out of the way for this one. :-? :lol: 8)
What a whirlwind! Perhaps though, "roller-coaster" would be a more apt description of the last few days. Now that things have calmed down somewhat, I'll attempt to collect a few thoughts.

First... Denny Schwandt is a GREAT guy and a superior pilot. I would recommend him highly to anyone in search of a ferry pilot. He had a few issues with the airplane along the way, but handled them in a totally professional manner and got the airplane here safely. I was glad of his test pilot experiences and impressed by his knowledge of airplanes.

Denny started the trip in an arctic survival flight suit and finished it in shorts. We had a great time visiting with him. He taught us a lot about the airplane and gave us some great ideas about how to fix it up. On the last day of his stay, he showed me how to change the oil and install a new air cleaner. I intend to start working toward an A&P license under lots of adult supervision from Randy and my neighbors (A&P's, IA's). It's like Christmas everyday here now as packages of parts and new tools arrive. :D

The airplane is just BEE-YOO-TI-FULL!! :onfire: It's even nicer than we'd hoped. I'm going over it all very carefully and will be replacing some parts, hardware and fittings. I'm adding a few new systems and and installing a new dual seat and flight controls. I love working on it (much more fun than working on my car :roll: ). I love the way it smells! Aaaah!

I witnessed my first ground loop two days ago. :( The Supercub that I started my flight trainiing in was coming in and I was at the end of the runway watching. The windsocks started switching around madly as the plane descended to the field. It looked rough. I held my breath as the pilot struggled with the wind. On touchdown the wind did another crazy switch and there was a sudden 15mph gust nearly direct across. The cub veered to the edge, I saw one wingtip hit the runway and it looped backwards to the fence. Luckily, the fence on the property was constructed of lines of soft cord rather than wire and boards. Damage to the airplane was minimal. I raced down the runway in bare feet and helped push the airplane back over the fenceline toward the runway. We attempted to repair the fence and I secured the horses in another pasture so they wouldn't escape onto the runway. The cub taxiied back home.

Yesterday, after we dropped Denny off at the airport, we returned home and learned that a friend of ours and a passenger was killed just North of here in his MX-2. :cry: He lived to fly and had a wonderful enthusiasm for life. He will be missed. I feel so bad for his parents. They are wonderful people.

I'm headed out to the hangar.

Please be careful out there y'all.

Lynne :angel:
Re: I have a dream too.

high country air said:
I wish June would get here so we could all go to Johnson creek (the emerald city I would like to see oz.

Click your heels together three times and repeat after me... "There's no place like home... " Johnson Creek is the mother country for all Supercubs, is that right? :wink:

The new ignition harness came in the mail today :eek:

(now where did I put dem wrenches?)

I'm impressed!

Trying to sell the Challenger II collection of parts in the hangar to raise some $$ for the runway improvement fund (to the relief of those homeowners who don't actually USE the runway). We're saving up for a set of wind socks that all blow in the same direction at the same time :roll: The wind was twitchy today... a bit of a circus as everybody was trying to figure out which runway to use with three socks blowing three different directions over 180 degrees apart :crazyeyes: Anyways, somebody coming to look at the CH II arrived in in a Wag Aero Cub with an IO-360 engine and nice BIG tires 8) I have never seen an aeroplane climb out so well from this strip. The strip is 2,500 feet... I swear he was at a thousand feet before crossing the halfway mark on the runway! :onfire:

I've been working on the airplane all the live long day :wink: What Fun!!!

I think I've found a good spot to mount the ELT near the seat... now to decide where to put the antenna. I think I'd like to put in INSIDE the tail section just aft of CG. Shouldn't be a problem with tube and fabric... attach ELT bracket to a piece of aluminum to attach around a section of the frame and then a ground plane of aluminum foil? (or the reflective paint stuff?) I want to avoid any additional parasite drag that would be incurred with an external mount and have experienced first hand what happens to the ELT when an airplane is inverted in an alligator infested swamp and the antenna snaps off (the ELT stops working) Underneath, I'd worry about getting it ripped off in long grass <g>. Thankfully, I've got SPOT as a back-up now. Sooo... Whaddaya think? Eventually will have a comm radio antenna mounted in the more traditional location. Will this work?


Lynne :angel:
Hello... I realize this is a really old thread... I just joined this site now, Because this image of the side-nose piece of this Ryan PT-22 is of my grandmother Lorraine... And is from my grandfather's personal PT-22... Sadly, they have both passed years ago... I just happened to to see this image in Google Images while I was looking at PT-22 images on there, this morning... From what I've read in this above quote, it seems that this wasn't the original poster's piece. And it was possibly his hanger-mate's? And that it is off to Indiantown? I assume that's Indiantown airport in Florida?

I called Indiantown Airport just now, and left a message on each of the two numbers' voice mails... If the original poster, or anyone that may have info on this piece knows anyone, anything, or even a chance they could even sort of point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful!

I was the only grandchild of his to have flown in this plain with him... It was a REAL big part of his life, and therefore my mom's life. Anyway, sorry for the novel... I just couldn't believe I stumbled upon this just now... I need to find that piece. Or at least chat with the person that is so lucky to have it still, hopefully.

Any info, please personal message me on here, so I will get notified right away. So I can reply right away... Thank you to anyone, in advance, for your time. Cheers.

It seems that since I am a new member, that I can't attach dreamer's original post with the image of the Sweet Lorraine PT-22 nose piece... It's on page 2 of this thread... scroll more towards the bottom of that page... You can't miss it. (I also just made it my avatar/profile image.) Cheers.
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