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It all STARTS with a DREAM!


I always enjoy your posts - and your enthusiasm! You will be more prepared than most when you finally get your ticket. :D

I think also you may consider changing from "Dreamer" to "Wing and a Prayer"! :lol:

John Scott
Back in the hangar again... taking a break from mowing weeds. Randy has gone to the store to pick up some fresh (nine year old) Kentucky bourbon :lick:

Flying the Air Cam to a little island on the Gulf of Mexico was FUN!! Put some more short field landings in the log book :wink: The following day I got up in the old C-150 (square tail/manual flaps) that I might be borrowing for the check ride. Mickey's big hand on the altimeter stopped working and a new radio installation was very noisy with any increase in RPM's... hmmm... look into alternatives...

Had a BLAST up at Keystone Heights at the Spring Aerobatic contest. Took the dog with us and was pleased with how well he did. The last half of the contest got rained (and thundered and lightninged) out. Oh well... didn't get to fly up-side down :cry:

On the way back home, we stopped in Winter Haven, FL at Tailwheels, Etc and I GOT FINISHED!! All that's left now is the check ride :eek:

What an experience it's been... In my log book now... 18 different airplanes (13 with tailwheels) and 12 different types. 17 different CFI's! The majority of the time has been with a smaller handful thankfully. It got a little confusing at times, but I learned something different and valuable from each one. I have flown off of three different sectionals and landed in twenty different places (19 airports and one alligator infested swamp at night). Whew! :crazyeyes:

Next up... Schedule a check ride, hopefully early next week! :D

:help :yikez: :Gscared: :Gurgh:

Sure hope I'm ready!! :angel:
I remember that day.... when we landed and shut down my examiner asked me if I felt comfortable enough to take my mother flying, I said yes and he said "congratulations, you're a private pilot"

good on ya' !

Thanks :D

I guess it really wasn't all a dream! It must be real. I have an honest to goodness pilot induced hangover :x

Going for a long drive now (I need an AIRplane!). We're driving up to Kentucky for a couple of days, then back in the car and to Lumberton, North Carolina where the local IAC chapter is hosting their first ever aerobatic contest. Anybody here from around there? Come on over and say hi :howdy Randy and I will be out on the judging line. The Practice day is Thursday, contest Friday and Saturday (April 24-26). The following week we'll be in Sebring for the Spring contest there. There'll be ALL kinds of cool airplanes 8)

Now I just need someone to sign off the endorsement for tailwheel operations. I still have more time in taildraggers than anything else (and hope to keep it that way) :wink:
dreamer said:

Now I just need someone to sign off the endorsement for tailwheel operations. I still have more time in taildraggers than anything else (and hope to keep it that way) :wink:

Hi Lynne,
Congratulations on your new PPL ticket. If you were ever signed off to solo in a conventional gear airplane while you were a student pilot, I think that's all you need. ...Clyde
Congratulations Lynne! If you're anything like me, you won't come back to earth (mentally) for a very, very long time! Way to go, girl!

Thank you so much Nancie, Grant, Brian, Charles, Brad, Clyde, Anne and everyone else here that has offered kind words and encouragement. I also want to thank everyone here that I have learned so much from by reading your posts and "hangar-flying". A special thanks to whathisname hisself :anon for making me laugh and to remember NO MATTER WHAT to just fly the airplane. It's still sinking in... I'M A PILOT NOW!!! :eek:

Yes Charles, you are RIGHT! I need an AIRplane. It would be SO nice to get used to ONE airplane for awhile and start polishing up these skills. Uhm... anyone know of any cool projects out there?? :crazyeyes: Mebbe some old J-3 with bent wing-tips (I'll just saw 'em off)

Well... I got back UP in an airplane today... The first time since the check ride (more on that later). Yet ANOTHER type... but it DID have a tailwheel (and a STICK!) 8) I got behind a Lycoming IO-540 (350hp and 1200lbs) in a BRAND NEW MX-2!! :onfire: Whoo-hoooo!! Niiiice :D Controls VERY responsive and light. I did some basic aerobatic manuevers (loops and rolls and such) and rode along on some more advanced stuff. Wheeee! Unfortunately that's WAY out of my price range :roll:

Re: the tailwheel endorsement... according to FAR 61.93, an endorsement is required unless someone has acted as PIC in a TW airplane prior to April 15, 1991. I dunno... I SOLOED in a 7AC Champ and have .9 hours PIC, but that doesn't mean anything??? Oh well... I STILL have more hours in TW than nosewheel. But I LIKE an airplane with a stick and rudder!! Oh well... guess I'll have to stick with F-4's or F-16's.... well mebbe a F-86 saber jet (ooops... guess I'll need the high performance endorsement!)

Well THAT was FUN!

Perhaps a little bit :OT% :-? , but there IS a Supercub connection... sortof... the guy in the back seat is named STEVE JOHNSON! This one is from Nashville, TN. On his 20th wedding anniversary, he brought his wife the obligatory pretty card and nice bouquet of flowers and she handed him a gift certificate to have this airplane custom built for him (she has since recieved many other marriage proposals just in case things don't work out.) Sorry guys, as he says... she's a keeper! :luv2: That's me in the front seat. I MIGHT be the only woman in the world that has ever flown this airplane type to date (there's only seven of them flying right now). http://www.mxaircraft.com/index.php I'm awaiting confirmation. I'm sure interested in knowing for certain... I did some "basic" aerobatic manuevers and then rode along for some very cool manuevers and an inverted high speed low pass over the runway and rolling push-up (in waivered airspace). The pilot placed TOP in the entire competion (his first contest in this airplane!)
I really do want to get a Supercub someday. :love: It will always be one of my favorite airplanes. In the meantime though... I got up in an Extra 200 in Sebring and practiced the primary sequence (45 up line, full turn spin, recovery vertical DOWN line :eek: , Half Cuban, loop, 180 competion turn and slow roll). My first time doing the whole thing and my very first half Cuban. I am now eligible for a "smooth" patch 8) I was told that I probably would have placed in the top three in the catagory if I had been actually competing. I hope to compete in Atlanta in a couple of weeks in a Giles-202. Thankfully, there will be time to practice a little bit first :roll:

Wheeee! :angel:

The little wheel goes in the BACK!

Yahoo! :onfire:
I am an OHfictial, er Ofishal, uh... a REAL tail dragger pilot chick now. :D

There is a brand new endorsement in my log-book. :angel: We went up to a sweet little airport in Falmouth, Kentucky. OMG, there's HILLS and HOLLERS down there! (I'd forgotten the earth isn't all flat) and I got into a trusty ole Decathlon with CFI Ashley Messenger (does TW and aerobatic training). Now I haven't flown one of these birds since last Summer with Tom in Indiantown and haven't had any TW landings at all since last Winter in the Champ... It sure felt GOOD! That runway was SO smooth, I thought I botched the first landing. I felt a slight bump as the wheels touched down and it was SO smooth I thought I was floating for a minute! Nope! We were ON the ground. :D I sure do like a REAL airplane with STICKS in it and made of WOOD and FABRIC! The wheel landings were a little more adventurous :roll: I'd been taught a slight tail down approach on grass (with Tom) followed by a little forward pressure and had no problem with those. The BT-13 is a breeze to wheel-land (and it sure is FUN sitting behind that R-985 with the canopy open). The springy gear of the Decathlon and a flatter approach on pavement was a little bit trickier for sure. We smashed a bunch of bugs, narrowly avoided a wild turkey running across the runway (oh darn, that would have made a nice dinner) and finally taxiied back to the hangar and lay down some ink on the page. Yippee! I wiped off ALL the dead bugs and kissed that cute little airplane right on the nose (tilted up fetchingly just like a REAL airplane!). To all the gang at Gene Snyder Airport, THANK YOU!!


Wheeee! :angel:
You've had some interesting experiences in the past 15 months. Good for You !!!!!Congratulations on the endorsement. :D
I DID it!

Just outside the Atlanta Speedway at Tara Field for the Southeast Aerobatic Championships. I was able to practice for about thirty minutes in type :roll: ... in a Giles 202 that was originally built and flown by Gary Ward. It was a very fast sequence of events :crazyeyes: Nice airplane though... VERY light on the controls :wink:

I got "volunteered" to play and sing at the contest supper the night before I had to fly and did NOT get enough sleep before the briefing in the morning (oh well!) :morning:
I then flew first in the primary sequence order of flight. After two flights, I'd finished second overall :eek: A decision was made to fly two more flights later in the day and I didn't finish in the top three, but I did end up with TWO 3rd place medals! :eek: :onfire:

Boy am I tired now :sleeping:

Flying in my dreams! :angel:
Well since we smashed so many bugs yesterday, I volunteered to wash 'em all off and polish the airplane today. (Boy I LOVE these new microfiber cloths!) No sooner all done and sitting back inside the RV when I witnessed some A$$-*** in a big black SUV drive up onto the ramp and let out a little Yorkshire Terrier. Too lazy to walk the dog over to the grass I guess... probably didn't want to get out of the AC or quit yakking on his cell phone. The dog ran over to the airplane, squatted down by the wheel pants and did his business. The jerk didn't even blink, just let the dog back in the car and drove off. I hope he'll step in some when he gets home. Some people! :roll:
Just back from Oh Hi OH! Boy does it feel good not to be DRIVING for a day or so... Headed back South t'morrow tho... The grass should be getting tall again :roll: I competed in the Ohio Aerobatic Open Contest in Marysville in a Pitts S2B loaned at the briefing... No practice slot... Strap in and dive into the box learning the plane on climb-out only :crazyeyes: 260hp :onfire: Third time ever in a bi-plane... Way different than the mono-planes I've been flying the sequence in, but FUN! :D Competed against a 10 time National champion in a Cassuitt and a member of the US aerobatic team in an Edge 540 flying for a patch and a young man with his own Bucker Jungmeister. I got a third place trophy (only because the pilot flying for the patch wasn't eligible to place). Everytime I do this, I learn a little bit more. Someday I'll be able to "compete" with someone other than myself :wink: . I'm still in the "sensory overload" stage right now, but am learning where to look and increasing the precision of my placement in the box. Now if I could only PRACTICE some more! :lol: Having more than 15 hours PIC might help :roll: . I think I've flown close to 40 different airplanes and about two dozen types so far. I've washed the bugs off of many of them to do this :lol:

The day after the contest was over, we drove over to Waynesville, OH to Red Stewart Aerodrome. A NICE grass strip, family run operation with several taildraggers for rent... A Champ, a J-3 CUB :love: and a beautiful stock Stearman. I booked an hour in the Cub, hoping there might be more time available, but unfortunately, the Champ had gone flying without a pilot during a windstorm the day before and was getting a wing-tip repaired, so no more time was available in the Cub. Boy was THAT fun though :angel: :angel: :angel: I'd never been in a J-3 before... Supercubs only. First time ever flying from the back seat. The visiblity's not so bad until the big guy gets in the front seat :roll: It felt GREAT to be putt-putting through the sky again! Nothin' like a CUB, eh? :luv2: Stalls were as gentle as a lamb. It was a little trickier judging the flare from the back seat, complicated by landing on a gentle up-slope on the runway.

Upon returning to Marysville, I saw HAIL for the first time in eons... only pea-sized and over as soon as it started. I walked over to the FBO after it cleared up and struck up a conversation with some folks hanging around there. Next thing I know, I've been offered a chance to fly yet another type of airplane. A Nanchang CJ 6A :onfire: Yee-HAW! Chinese military trainer... intrument and placard markings written in Chinese characters :eek: Luckily, english translations were in place as well, but AS, altimeter, etc., were marked in METRIC :eek: The prop spins in the opposite direction. It was weird haing to use LEFT rudder to over-come P-factor on climb-out. Complex gear, gull wings with lots of camber. Strange spinning characteristics, requires lots of imput to keep the nose in one place during a roll. LOTS of back pressure during steep turns (heavy airplane!) It was fun. The wind picked up again, we landed.

Every contest has a special award given for the deed of infamy... In Sebring it's the Bozo award, in North Carolina it's the Goober Award. In Ohio, it's the "Fickle Finger" award... This year the Fickle Finger was won by the safety chief for a navy test pilot school for running out of fuel on final in a C-150 and landing in a bean field within sight of the runway. Gas caps were loose and an extra hour of fuel siphoned out of the tanks on the short flight. He was fortunate to have had a good outcome and certainly rather embarrassed by the incident, however, the acceptance speech he gave at the banquet was great. No matter how good you are and how much experience you have, never lose sight of the details... The devil IS in the details. :crazyeyes:

Home sweet hangar in two more days... Gotta find an AIRplane to put in there!
The Post Man Cometh


Went to the mailbox today and after two months and two weeks, there was an envelope in there from the FAA... :eek:
:angel: I have a (brandnewain'titcoolandit's laminated) PILOT"S LICENSE!! :D It shore is purty!

I also received an envelope from the Florida Dept. of Transportation with my brand new RE-newed driver's license (it's ma BIRTHday t'morrow) Very fitting considerin' I've gotta carry them both with me now.... 8)

AND the bank statement for my savings account arrived... :eek: Oh well, At least I've got item #1 :D

:angel: :angel: :angel:
Yahoo! Finally got in an airplane again. We drove up to Salem. IL for the IAC contest there and I got to practice 8) and compete in a Christen Eagle named "Sugar" (yes, definitely a sweet airplane! "Sugar" won three trophies with three different pilots this weekend) The practice session paid off :roll: I did a lovely falling leaf maneuver after forgetting to put the power back in prior to the half-Cuban after the spin the first time up :roll: BUT... After an hour in the airplane, I got my highest score ever (82.79%) in the first flight for the contest. Of course, I was competing against Giles Henderson who is a ten time National Champion and airshow pilot with about 100 times my experience competing in a BEE-YOO-tiful clipped wing CUB :love: Aw shucks, I'm not competing against anyone but myself yet, just trying to get better! BUT... I ended up with a second place trophy! :D Betty Stewart was there (2X World Champion and retired airshow pilot). What a neat person! She told me that the only way to compete with Giles is to move up to another category. I accepted the award to choruses of "Move UP!" and "Get an AIRplane!" :eek:

I am regularly scouting SC classifieds, Barnstormer, etc. in search of a J3 (All Cubs are Super, right? :wink: ) or something similar (old T-Craft?) that could be converted into a two-place aerobatic mount, but as you know, not every plane in need of a home makes the ads. If anybody out there EVER hears of a dusty old airplane sitting in a dark hangar somewhere in need of a good home, PLEASE let me know! A project with good bones is good, I'd plan on doing a complete restoration anyways. (reminder to self, must buy another lottery ticket)


Whaddaya think??


Somebody's trying to GIVE me an "aeroplane" now :eek: .

It's a "Challenger II" not exactly an ultra-lite (close to 400 lbs), LONG wings (31.5 span) and it's got a PARACHUTE! :crazyeyes: (mebbe that's a GOOD thing) AND darn it all, it's got a NOSE wheel :roll: BUT, apparently it can also be flown as a glider after climbing up to thermals under power and it's got good STOL capabilities... Hmmmm... Seems to be good on floats and skis (tho I'm not thinking about that now). Reputedly a real stick and RUDDER kinda thing. Shore glad I know's what FEETS are fore :wink:

Yep, it's a project. :x Needs re-cover and overhaul (one of dem dere Rrrrrotax engines)... Guessing that it might be completely overhauled and airworthy under 5K, seems to be worth more than that if that's been done... Figure it might be a good way to gain experience towards an A&P and IF it's been comPLETEly checked out, ETC!!!, an inexpensive way to build the cross-country time necessary to go for that instrument rating and good experience for that GLIDER rating I want to get too :D

I can have it for FREE! :eek:

I THINK I can sell it for more than it costs me in parts to make it work. (I figure the labor is worth some of that invaluable EXPERIENCE :crazyeyes: ) I DO hope to be trading UP at some point! :roll:

Still trying to locate the boxes containing the paperwork... (It's gotta be around here SOMEwhere!) Got a sketchy history already and have been researching the rest. Originally built and flown, then damaged in a bad landing :x . The damage to the NOSEgear was repaired, but the fabric removed in the process was NOT repaired before the owner moved to another state and decided not to take it with him. He donated it to a wildlife preservation organization with hopes it could be utilized in Belize spotting manatee migrations, but that wasn't feasible logistically. It's been floating around here ever since. It was even stored in MY hangar for awhile.

I wouldn't DREAM of flying it without going over EVERYthing with a fine tooth comb and plenty of adult supervision.

SO!!! Whaddaya think???

(I needs WINGS!!)

dreamer said:
Yahoo! Finally got in an airplane again. We drove up to Salem. IL for the IAC contest there and I got to practice 8) and compete in a Christen Eagle named "Sugar" (yes, definitely a sweet airplane! "Sugar" won three trophies with three different pilots this weekend) The practice session paid off :roll: I did a lovely falling leaf maneuver after forgetting to put the power back in prior to the half-Cuban after the spin the first time up :roll: BUT... After an hour in the airplane, I got my highest score ever (82.79%) in the first flight for the contest. Thanks!


Hey man congrats!!!!. Have fun. wish I was................ :D
Thanks Josh :D

We'll have to buzz down to Key West someday to see your operation. Sounds like LOTS of fun! 8)

I've had about all the fun I can handle mowing the grass around here (all 12 acres are DONE for another minute or so). It's just too scary sitting here watching it grow before my very eyes :yikez:, so we're gonna head back up to Kentucky for a short visit. Wish we could stay longer, but I've gotta get back here to mow AGAIN! :help

HOPEfully I'll be flying this coming weekend. There's a whole FLOCK of Eagles up in Northern Kentucky along with the Decathlon I got my TW endorsement in and a beeYOOtiful J3 CUB I've not yet flown :love: Gotta make sure I've got my bug-removal kit with me :D

Gosh, I wonder how many miles I've driven in order to go FLYing?? :crazyeyes: I'm sure it's just NUTS! :wink:

Sooooo... I know you guys and gals all have REAL airplanes, but is there anyone around here that's had any experience with the Challenger II??:nutz:

Pondering and packing...

An Angel Spreads Her Wings

An Angel Spreads Her Wings...

Today I heard the news. An angel spreads her wings and flies away. I did not know her well, but she walked right up to me and whispered YES, indeed, I really really ~could~ fly (if I truly wanted to). That time happened to me when that was all I ever wanted and finally knew. Radiantly beautiful with the warmest sparkling smile, I watched her climb into her aeroplane, put on her wings and FLY. OH! How she could FLY! I love to watch her dance and tumble through the sky. Upon the ground again, that smile I will remember...ever more.

Thank you dear angel. I love to watch you fly. I will be watching for you.

Live from the US Nationals in Texas!

Well, Erica told me last Fall when I showed up at the Sebring IAC Contest as a student pilot wanting to fly acro someday... "Stick with it. Keep training, get your private and FLY every chance you get. You ~could~ be competing next year!" So I did. Got my private, flew the MX-2 right after passing my check ride (it's been confirmed, I AM the only woman pilot in the world that has flown it!) and started going to every contest possible, washing airplanes and flying with safety pilots learning how to fly the primary sequence. Right now, I am sitting in an RV on the ramp at Sherman Denison, TX watching all the pretty airplanes get ready for their long trips home. Out my window, the pretty Giles-202 from North Carolina that I flew all week (SECOND time in type!). The awards banquet was last night. I have a big shiny trophy sitting on the table in front of me. Engraved upon it... "United States National Aerobatic Championships - 1st Place Primary" :eek: I am a National Champion! :crazyeyes: Who'da thunk it? I've STILL got less than 100 hours total time! GOTTA get an airplane. If the economy doesn't go into total freefall, I will probably be coming into enough $$ to get into a small clipped wing Taylorcraft sometime this winter. Looking hard for one now. A fine looking tricked out Supercub is definitely still on the wish list , but I suspect it may take a little longer to get into one of those. SO glad I started my primary training in a SUPERcub!

:angel: :angel: :angel:

Thanks Brian :D

Holed up in Southern, LA t'night in a hotel pretty much wrecked by FEMA refugees (the staff is frazzled to say the least). Hope to be hitting North Florida t'morrow. MUCH longer drive than anticipated for today. Louisiana has some looong and lonely roads and few places for a weary traveler to stop and rest! Home to mow, then back on the road again to the Rebel Regional contest in Union City, TN to defend my new title :roll:

How's your cub? Got the new engine installed yet? Come on by sometime, I'd be happy to help you change the oil and git the smashed bugs off the leading edges. :wink:

Just back from the Rebel Regional in IAC contest in Union City, TN. There was a larger than usual pool of primary contestants (all with airplanes and lotsa time flyin' between 'em), but... I did alright! Bit by bit, the pieces of the puzzle ARE coming together :wink:. I came home with a third place score in one flight AND a gift certificate for a brand new custom Hooker Harness! Now just gotta find the airplane to wrap around it :D Looking hard at a couple of good possibilities.... No Supercub, but... a clipped T-Craft IS a kissing cousin to the clipped wing CUB :kiss: I figure they'll keep me honest and teach me a LOT. Them plastic fantastic aeroplanes are cool, but almost TOO easy to flip around at will. Eh, it doesn't really matter, the airplane will do whatever it's told... what we are working on here is the ability to communicate, eh? :roll:

I am SO close to a hundred hours now. I figure if I can get a couple of more hours between now and Sebring, I might just be able to spend the 100th hour UP-SIDE-DOWN! :onfire: I wonder if SPOT can figure this out?

I've been promised some more time in the SUPER-CUB!! :D :D :D

It remains to be seen what else I might be able to get myself into 'tween now and then.

Probably gonna retire this thread when 100 hours are up.

Thanks y'all for being here :angel: It's been quite DREAM come TRUE! :angel: :angel: :angel: