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Is that a mouse in your empennage or....

Mark Lund said:
There's lots of rodent baits out there. Just remember your pets. I lost a nice German Shepard when the neighbor helped me out with some rat bait one time.


Thats true Mark,, my wifes sisters dogs got into my bait,,, fortunately we cought it in time and they were given vitamin K... blood clotter and turned out OK..

Poison milo works well too,,,, its for gophers,, but if you put it on top of the ground the mice will find it and no more mice... birds too..

Somebody must have had a camera when you were out collecting pee...

Strange that photo: yesterday i went to a friend. He has a very good dog, a husky, very calm, very gentle with kids, never agressive. A simple good no problem dog. I was with my sister and my young nephew. 8 years old. The dog was about 45 feet from the kid, on its couch, both meaning their own business. In a flash, and i really mean a flash, the dog went straight to the kid's face, snap it, and returned to it's carpet, looking elsewhere as if nothing happened.

The nose was in pieces, upper left lip was teared and part of the cheek was open. Blood everywhere.

He is in the hospital now. They asked to keep the dog alive for bacterial culture of its mouth. Besides surgery, specific infection is a prime concern. Facial scars for sure, speech impediment is also possible.

I was amazed to find out that there is millions of kids attacked in the face per year. Mostly always male dogs against male kids. Very few female to male, or female to female.

SteveE said:

Somebody must have had a camera when you were out collecting pee...


I have a picture around somewhere that looks a little like that. Only my feet are planted on the ground and the wolf's feet are dangling. Imagine that. :lol:

Cayenne pepper or any hot pepper in a shaker. Just shake some in the corners of your hanger and around the tires occasionally.
I used this in my garage and the mice stay out. They get it on their feet and lick it off.
I also use a wheat treated gopher bait in 5 gal buckets, punch a hole in the lid and kick it over in a corner of the shop. The mice empty the bucket in about a year. You have to have a pesticide applicators license to buy this from our county department for use on gophers or prairie dogs.
The pepper keeps the critters out. The bait thins them out but doesn't get rid of them.
Roger Peterson said:
I fix up some 5 gallon pails with about 3" of RV antifreeze in the pail. Run a welding rod through the top and place a empty water bottle on it covered in Peanut butter. lean a small board against it so the mice can get up to the Peanut butter. When they get out on the bottle, the bottle spins and dumps them in the antifreeze. Nothing attracts mice like peanut butter.

Exactly............ This works in my hangar year round.... When ya get one, reach in with pliers and grab him out. If Fido does drink a bit, the RV antifreeze won't tip him over. My spinner is an old inspection cover, and safety wire, but same idea tho... This works.
Yea, cats too, I feed em at the airport. But when ya get a bumper crop of meeses, they can't keep up, I've seen 20-25 meeses in my bucket in a period of one day, in years past. I've also seen mice eat the rib stitching in a Super Cub, and one time they pooped in my leather flyin helmet in my Waco, so... it's all out war now. I hate meeses to pieces. :evil:

Oh, and Decon, I took a big hard ball of mixed, Decon and mouse poop and pee, out of the tail of my 180 one time that I bet weighed 10 pounds. What a mess, I quit using Decon right then and there.