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Information needed, Posible O-Ring change on Steve's Aircraft Gascolators....

Brian, Look at the Safe-Air sump drains. That is all I use now because they use a standard o'ring. I couldn't get the special Curtis sel for years and quit using them.
I looked in one of my, a little older, ac spruce catalogs and the oring for the safe-air is 16cents. I would think there about a quarter now. The ac spruce didnt even have the curtiss in it.
Brian, also do these orings have a shelf life. 5 in a pack would probably be to many where as i would rather not put one in thats been sitting in a shelf for 10 or 20 years. (JUST) my thinking 2 filter orings and 2 safe air orings in a pack would be nice or just individually and still could be sent out with not much more than a postage stamp.
O-ring shelf live is none.....they last forever....
Only reason I prefer the 1550 is because you can lock it open where the safe air you cannot....but I could start carrying those also.

I always ship the O-Rings in a bubble pack and the PO charges extra for that hence the $2.00 ship charge..

stay the same and 0-rings do have a shelf life but seams like a cheap cost !!!!throw them out if there to old and restock !!!
Steve C
Steve C

My package straight from the O-Ring does not give a shelf life......It is the compound that they are made of......Viton 75 is completely different than your standard Buna N