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Inertia Reel Shoulder harness

I am purchasing 5 point harnesses (front and back seat) front Hooker for my PA18-150. The system comes with inertia reels. Any one have any experience which this product?

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I checked out the Hooker website not long ago but didn't see the inertia-reel set-ups I was told they sell.
They need to update their site.
I'd like to see pics etc when you get yours.
I also talked to Hooker and they said that the inertia reel was 4" x 4" x 2" high. Without Pics, those are odd sounding dimensions, or at least odd compared to what pics are available on the net. Now back to the plane to see if that will fit as I don't have a great deal of distance between the anchor point and my head. Not much point in protecting the front of my head if I'm going to smack the back of it. FYI, plane is not a cub, at least not a Piper one. Coming up with an inertia reel setup that fits is becoming a pain in the butt. I sort of chewed Spruce for not having some sort of inertia reel setup for exp. folks. They said they would bring it up and the next internal sales conference but that won't help in the short term.

BTW, what is the "standard" bolt diameter size for harness anchor points? Mine are AN5 and Hooker said I would have to use a bushing to get theirs to attach to mine.
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Hooker inertia reel, the belts came with 1/4” aluminum bushings in them easily removed for a 5/16” bolt.


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