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Help I.D. this muffler


The Last Frontier
Cessna 175 with O-360 A1A. The guts are coming out of the muffler. Which genius will ID make and model? Thanks gentlemen 1000010127.jpg1000010128.jpg
I'm assuming the C175 was converted to O-360 Lyc via an STC--
does the STC spec out the exhaust system?
FWIW my old C150/150TD used the "texas taildraggers" engine upgrade STC,
which incorporated an Avcon muffler (which was subject to an AD).
That muffler looked very similar to yours.
Looks identical to my former 175 conversion, both in appearance and failure. It was an Avcon that I was able to get a Knisley Welding to duplicate as an "owner produced" part. I don't think they do custom work anymore but it was a work of art.
Plane was last registered to Copper River Airmotive in AK, maybe they still have the exhaust. Was involved in an unfortunate mid-air with the fellow that bought it from us, made it back to land somehow.