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Grove Disc Brakes for a J-3

Darrel Starr

Registered User
Plymouth, MN
I just helped a friend install the Grove disc brake kit on his J-3. I was surprised at how straight forward this was and how well it went. We were concerned about getting the steel rivets out of the drums, match drilling the discs and wheel assemblies and back riveting the discs to the wheels with steel rivets but all went well. Signed off today by Bob Eckstein. The owner hasn't flown the J-3 yet so we don't know how the brakes feel.


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They will feel the same as stock brakes in good condition. I have extensive experience with both, including one Grove and one stock on the same aircraft. Your biggest advantage will be maintenance - just check the fluid and change the pads now and then. A very good move for a J-3.
I think the biggest issue with the Graove brakes on the J3 was corrosion found in the original wheel when the drum is drilled off.
With a copper brake line in the forward position, has any problem existed with remote un-improved landing areas breaking this brake line. A flexible stainless steel line would have been a better choice.