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Ground adjustable Prop for O290D


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Any suggestions for a good ground adjustable prop for a O290D? Looking for good STOL performance.
Your probably on the wrong track thinking along those lines................ a ground adjust prop is going to be HEAVY, assuming this is for a cub? If it is and you have a 51/52 Cub you own one of the nicest balanced cubs ever built, most folks that have flown them loved the balance of an original 125/135 S Cub............. to lash a heavy prop on the front of it will most certainly ruin its finest feature??
For STOL performance an 82"/40" borer prop works perfectly ! For cruise the standard prop for a 150hp cub is about it for the 125, thats 74"/56". If your more brave Catto will make you a prop that would outperform the borer and reduce even more weight! But there is always the legal thing (if it works good or better made than certified its going to be illegal) or like a woman if its lighter your not soposed to have it!
Good luck!
Well to come clean this is for a O290 on a Kitfox, since it is not a common installation I have found little assistance from other sources. I figured since it is a more common engine in the Piper arena I would ask here. Weight is certainly an issue however. I found that the Whirlwind seems to be designed for the higher HP 320 and 360. Has anyone run it on a O290? The Sensenich description was for a high speed aircraft like an RV, so not sure if that's what I'm looking for either. Thanks for the input.
The Sensenich description was for a high speed aircraft like an RV, so not sure if that's what I'm looking for either.
From Sensenich "I[FONT=Segoe UI, Tahoma, Helvetica, Verdana, Arial, Trebuchet MS, sans-serif]mprove your Aircraft’s performance with our 2 blade propeller designed specifically for Lycoming O-320 & O-360 powered high speed aircraft such as Van's RV series and Glasair aircraft. " They also say " [/FONT]Engine Suitability Lycoming O-235 Lycoming O-290"

The implication is that the higher horsepower engines are in the high speed airplanes. That does not mean that they would not be a good choice for your application. In my view you should inquire of Sensenich for your application.
There are two different Whirlwind propellers/companies. One is built for high hp engines like 0-360, the other is more suited to Rotec type engines. This can be very confusing. Be sure you are zeroed in on the right thing.

What is the length of these whirlwind, sensenich props??? As I was thinking if he is after take off performance , they are never going to perform with a borer type propeller are they????? I realize that the cruise factor is a completely different answer , but he was asking about TO performance in the original question I thought ???? Though a 12lb propeller certainly sounds interesting on the front of a cub!
Ground adjustable prop for 0290D

Any suggestions for a good ground adjustable prop for a O290D? Looking for good STOL performance.

Have 3 bladed Warp Drive prop. on my Wag Aero Sports Trainer 0290D2. When lite (1300 lbs.) see 1100 min. climb and mid. 90's cruise at 2350 rpm.
The Sensenich is 68" - 72" diameter has an interesting scimitar shaped tip. This should be a good efficient shape which should give some natural blade angle twisting. Lower pitch under load and higher pitch for cruise.
The light weight California Whirlwind is 76",78",80" and 82" diameter. One of these should give good take off thrust. Though at a max of 2800 rpm the larger diameters would be noisy and less efficient due to high mach number.
The other heavier Whirlwind in Ohio is 77" & 80" diameter. This would be too much for his application.
I'm currently running a Props Inc Maple 72x46 and Im seeing about 2300RPM on take off and full throttle in cruise I can just get 2500RPM. The O290 D has a HP rating of 125 hp at 2600 rpm continuous, 130 hp at 2800 rpm for 5 minutes, but I can't get there to use it.
I like the idea of a ground adjustable prop in lieu of a controllable (constant speed) prop because of the lower weight and costs. I would be happy with a two position prop though there doesn't seem to be any of those available. Years ago there were. A ground adjustable enables one to find the optimum blade angle for his airplane/engine combination without having a garage full of props. Once that blade angle is determined it is unlikely that you will change it again. However, it is useful when taking off from small places then again when leaving from a larger place for a cross country, you can change pitch for a good cruise.

Personally I like the blade shape of the Sensenich better than the California Whirlwind. However with a maximum diameter of 72" for the Sensenich I would be more inclined to go for the California Whirlwind at 78" for your requirements. The information from their websites gives the impression that the Sensenich is easier to adjust the pitch with a supplied gauge. For the Whirlwind you need a sensitive protractor as there is only a 2 degree tolerance between blades. True a larger diameter does give a larger volume of thrust air pushing the plane forward it also creates more drag at cruise speeds thus restricting the top end. It is a compromise. I did some testing with fixed pitch 80" & 82" props on the same airplane once years ago. The longer 82" prop was no better than the 80". I had a sense that it was actually worse though I can't document that.

Good luck, let us know of your final choice.