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Great Sacandaga Lake Beach Breakfast 8/24/13

Had a good time, great weather. 7 floated in and 3 landed in the back yard. My friend Tim McCormack who has been on here a few times shocked us by coming in his 172. Some of you might remember him, he's the guy that ran the custom shop at Remington Arms.

I had to wait for the fog to lift

I need some judges here but I think the 180hp C172 spanked Timmy's 2+2 on take off.

Timmy's 2+2


Tim's 172


And Joe but he doesn't count


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What a flashback! My wife's grandparents, Prynes and later her parents, the Tookers, lived across from the drive down to the point. Did the Cub come with the house? I had many friends living along the shoreline of Sacandaga and Mayfield Lake resulting in numerous flybys and ski flights. ah, great memories!
should have taken pics. of the 2 or 3 foot humps in the middle of the runway