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Fuel lever removal

Put the screw most of the way in, then use a small puller from an auto parts store.


I have had to do it like Gordon posted with the gear puller. Also a faucet handle puller from the hardware store should work.
I had mine off a couple of weeks ago doing my Condition Inspection. I have to tug a bit but it should come off ok. Maybe put a bit of penetrating oil on it.

I like Gordon’s suggestion too. A Phillips head screw will center the point of the puller.
Get a plastic bag to catch the springs and ball bearings that will come out at about Mach 2

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I have found a lot of those type of things have a drop of loctite put on at assembly. I have to remove the valve awhile ago and just a little heat from a blow dryer made a big difference
Small gear puller did the trick, thanks. This site and you folks are awesome!


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