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Fuel diagram


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Anyone know a website that has a fuel system diagram for 1979 PA-18-150. The right wing tank seemed to drained out somewhere. Head liner behind back is fuel soaked. Anyone experienced this problem before? Just looking for an idea on how the fuel lines run and where a possible leak could be coming from. Fuel is to high priced to just let run out on the ground.
The exploded view in the parts catalog. Can't be to complicated as the whole deal is pretty simple. You can view the parts catalog on the Univair site.
There is only one fuel line coming out of the rear of the right wing tank on a stock fuel system. It will run behind the headliner into the rear header tank and then down the left side of the fuselage to the fuel valve. Look in the battery compartment access cover and see if you can see the fuel leak. Could be leaking at the header but I wouldn't think it would get to the headliner. Could be the line between the tank and the hard line or the line could be chafed behind the headliner.
What Steve said, and also look at the header tank fittings. If they are black and gummy then your header tank is leaking. If that's the case replace it with an Atlee tank (heavy duty). Or its the hoses that have dried out and cracked. The alum lines could be chafed but that's another thing altogether. If the leak is high then the headliner will be damp in the center back. If its the lines then they will leak on the port side of your liner.