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Floor mounted seat belt STC PA-18 SA02411AK vs SA02043AK


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What is the difference between the Svenn’s Aviation STC for floor mounted seatbelts (SA02411AK) versus the one from F. Atlee Dodge (SA02043AK). I have seen plenty of posts about the F. Atlee Dodge floor mounted seatbelt and plenty about using cables instead of welded on brackets, but I haven’t found anything about the Svenn’s Aviation STC for the PA-18. Is this improved or does it mount in a different way than the F. Atlee Dodge version?
Is there an STC for attaching the seat belts to the airframe using cables or am I reading that wrong?
I don't think you need a STC if you are using cables that should be a log book entry only. The smart guys will let me know if I am wrong.
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I think anyone flying around with seat belts attached to front seat frame are cuckoo. Not a very stout attach point and uncomfortable belt location.
I did this over 25 year ago on my Pa11. Simple, safe and more comfortable

I ran the 1/8" cable thru vinyl 3/16 hose where it contacts aircraft tube so it wouldn't scratch the paint.