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Floor Boards


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I would like some opinions on what thickness aluminum I should use for my PA-18 floor boards. Would you change guage for the rear seat deck and for the third seat area. I have the 180lb stc. I plan on the CC extended baggage, but don't know the gauge of their floor or side panels. I like the Kydex idea but wanted some opinions on mixing Kadex with the CC metal extended baggage panels. Thanks for your help.
.050" for floor boards, .062" for rear seat and form a 1/2" up-turned lip on the sides. The lip on the seat works as a stiffener and on the floorboards it helps keep debris from falling into never-never land.

Add a hinge to the back of the rear seat section and you have access to he underseat storage area.

The .050" aluminum floorboards are lighter than 1/4" plywood.

Kydex is only suitable for interior side panels.


On Jerrys cub here http://www.supercub.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=14837&highlight=

We used .040 for front and rear floorboards, .032 for baggage 3rd seat area, .020 for floor of extended baggage, .016 for floor of upper baggage. Kydex for main interior side panels, headliner, and extended baggage. Heavy fabric for upper baggage side panels and .016 front and rear bulkheads. .016 for D window frames (kydex riveted to it) and throttle quadrant cover. Custom .032 instrument panel. Overall the interior paneling was 15 pounds lighter than the metal I used as patterns. Excluding the floorboards of course.

I used to use .050 for the front 2 boards, but seems every one uses .040 now...

so this one has .040 front, .050 middle/with braces(PA-12 suspended in air to clear ail pulleys like wood original), and .032 baggage and extended baggage.... (.050 rear seat bottom on -18)

remember to silicon them down to the tubes on final assembly or you will have a really loud drum.....

also when going from wood to metal floor boards.... like in top picture in above post, remember to either space metal floor board up at ail cables, or cut much longer groves where cable goes under(which might need bigger covers then).... (wood boards were cut partway through from bottom originally) or else they cable will rub now.....

kydex for sides, see kydex thread for info...