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Floats to Alaska 2022

Bill Rusk

Sandpoint, Idaho

I was Blessed to get to fly my Cub to Alaska once again this summer. I will post a few pictures and discussion as time allows.

I flew up the coast route on Apr 29th because that day looked best considering wind and weather. I run nonstop from Lynden ((38W), just north of Bellingham ,WA)) to Ketchikan, or to a cabin in Misty Fiords. This means I don't land in Canada so I do not have to clear customs, file eAPIS, or any of the other stuff associated with Canada. I can carry a firearm without Canadian hassle. This year, from Lynden to the Humpback Lake Cabin was 5.4 hours. I had a nice tailwind most of the way.


The lake water level was high which meant the "beach" was under water and parking was a little sketchy. Fortunately the lake is in a bowl and there was no wind to bang the floats on the rocks. It was not too bad all things considered.


This is the Humpback Lake Cabin.


Skylights in the cabin really help with the light.

The next day I flew in to Ketchikan to refuel and "make a plan" as to which cabin would be next on the list. It was a .8 flight to Ketch, so my total time from Lynden to Ketch was 6.2 hours. I put in 14.4 in the wings which means I still had 21.6 gallons. I started with 68 gallons (Fuel pod holds 32), flew 6.2 hours, burned 46.4 gallons, for a rate of 7.5 gph. I run 2400 RPM, get 102 to 103 indicated airspeed, and I do run LOP.


After fueling up in Ketch I moved to the Big Shaheen cabin on Admiralty Island. This in an older historic cabin and a great one.


The view from the front porch of the cabin.


The little Shaheen cabin sits right around the corner and so is a great location if you have more than a couple of guys. This year, Bob Breeden flew in while Zach and I were at the Big Shaheen cabin and we had a great visit. More on that later in this thread.

After a few nights in the SE part of Alaska I took Alaska Airlines up to Anchorage and attended the Alaska Airman's Trade Show.

More to follow when I have more time.



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