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Flap handle question


Anchorage Alaska
Is there any "approved" changes that can be made to the flap handle to prevent the interference with left aileron travel, partial flaps, and long legs?
I have seen some of these shortened, but don't know if that is a good thing or not. Looks like you loose leverage.
Probably have to give the Feds smelling salts if you asked for a F.A. on that one nowdays....
Lots of guys are running around with the handles shortened 4"......it works well.
cubdrvr said:
Lots of guys are running around with the handles shortened 4"......it works well.

BTW Dave, I'll be by with a tape measure today... :D
T.J. Hinkle said:
I don't know of any "approved" paperwork for the short flap handle. If anyone has a Field Approval out there, maybe they can post it? Technically, shortening it would be an Alteration and require "Approval."...................Practically, most of the NEW FAA won't know the difference if it is a bit short. I would not encourage anyone to Alter their Cub without proper Data/Approval , but, I've seen a lot of shortened/bent flap handles.

Maybe Piper built a short handle version... Who knows? (rhetorical question)...
I have had a copy of the 337, from ANC FSDO for this mod. Will have to do some serious digging, but should be able to find it, sooner or later. Got it at Merrill Fld., two years ago.
Anything would be a help. Will have to check with Dans. Suspect he is using the "multiple field approval 337" approach. (thing of the past)
Wish I had some of those for my old field approvals. :cry:
Short Flap Handle

I did it to mine (you guys worry too much). I cut it off just below the old screw holes that the screws went into to hold the spring washer up, about 3" (this was right for the length of my legs). Cut the push rod off the same amount but leave enough on it to bend the 90 degree bend (about 1/4") that the stop is attached to. Try it out to make sure the button has the right throw. Heat and re-benr the end if needed. Drill a small hole in the rod end for the cotter pin that holds the stop on. Put a third notch in the position arch if not one already. Install and enjoy (espicially in a L.H. cross wind). Crash
Now that you mention it, I am sure that it was Dan who gave it to me. Probably get it from him faster than waiting for me to find it.