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First timer, quick question/poll of the crowd


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Camas, WA

Been looking at the forums for a few weeks now, and have a quick question. I just recently negotiated the purchase of a Super Cub, and am beaming from ear to ear. The owner offered up the name of a guy that is on the same airfield to do the prebuy. Would it be smarter to get someone that is not familiar with that particular airplane but is knowledgable in Super Cubs do the prebuy? I have the name of someone that is a few hours away that can take care of it, but it'll obviously cost more (and I just pretty much obliterated the savings account!). Unfortunately, I'm up in AK, quite far from the airplane itself, but I do have a couple people in the area that can get to the cub quickly.

Thanks for all your help, I do know how to use the search function, and have looked at a lot of the prebuy threads, but just wanted a few opinions on it.

Boy I'd get a recommendation from some of the mechanics on this site or them in particuliar. If you study the nuances of all the little supercub specific knowledge that has turned up on here over the years I would want a "supercub only mechanic. Mike (skup), Steve, J Gerard , so on. Even if you had to pay their time and airfare it would be a bargain. Some stuff I've seen discussed that a regular mechanic might not know about: Tail post corrosion, window channel corrosion, wing adjustment, where all the main corrosion points are. Look at the carburator thread going on right know and so no. A lot of cub specific stuff. You don't go to a GP for heart trouble.
FWIW, I was considering buying a spam can in Texas...decided not to for variety of reasons...but I was initially planning the purchase during January for the sole reason that my Alaska-based mechanic wouldn't have heat stroke if I flew him out to do the pre-buy. Cubs are enough of a speciality that you want a knowledgeable person looking at it AND you want fresh eyest AND you want an unbiased opinion.

The travel costs to get a good mechanic to do a pre-buy are cheap insurance for the 1st time the bird gets in the air.
Do NOT have the mechanic that has been working on it do the check, nor the owner's best friend.

The pre-buy is the best money you can spend... get the expert!