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First Flight N90AK, the Monster Cub takes off

I’ll admit I’m curious about your prop. Very interesting.
Too early to really tell as I will be flattening the pitch and cruse lean of peak once I’m sure the rings are seated. I’m along ways from getting it dialed in. Today I finally looked at the moving map and it had me in Girdwood as I went by Palmer. Computers🤷*♂️. I’m more focused on the engine and airframe for the first flights.
That makes two of us. The EFIS is a MGL Challenger Lite which is user programmable and that is where the problem lies. I now regret putting a flipping computer in this airplane as I do not do well with such unreliable electronic devices and am dependent on others to “fix” it. The last flight as I was going by Palmer and looked at the moving map which had our location in Girdwood. The engine monitor page has the manifold pressure in increment that do not make sense as you pointed out and I have made one attempt to change it with limited success in that I was able to change the range in which it reads but now get the MP heading which overlaps on the readout number one still on top of the other. This whole system has caused a delay in my completing the project with a hardware problem that is still in the ECB (electronic circuit breaker) and should have been flying last spring. As it is I get to fly it and the engine monitor is working and use the iPad mini for navigation until such time as the flipping EFIS get tuned up buy someone who knows the program as I just want to remove it and put in steam gauges that are reliable and do not require programming and may do so next winter.
I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. I'd think MGL could diagnose your problem from your description. Side story- I was struggling with a function on my G3X and was frustrated enough to call tech support. I told them what it would and wouldn't do and they asked a few odd questions. Then they told me I had two wires pinned into an incorrect connector. WTF? How did they come up with that? Not the wrong pin location but the wrong connector? They were right, too. When this stuff works it sure is impressive. I hope you get it sorted.