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Field Repairs to Legends or any S-LSA


I’ve been out of the LSA world for a while but in the 2005 timeframe I was heavily involved the the folks at Legend. I seem to recall that any field repairs to any S-LSA had to be documented as done in accordance with factory instructions. So, for example even though in the case of Legend where some parts are available on the open market, like struts from Univair, is it “legal” for an A&P to replace those struts with a logbook entry as if it was a certified ( CAR 04/Part 23 ) LSA like a J3?

If so, would repairs that involved covering of major components also need to comply with factory instruction regarding fabric and coating products and procedures?

To be clear, I’m talking strictly about factory built Light Sport Aircraft. S-LSA only. Not Experimental E-LSA or other previously certified airplanes that fall into the LSA category like the J3 and certain other two place planes with GW under 1320 that can be operated by Sport Pilots.


My other airplane is a quick-build E-AB version of an S-LSA. So glad because the airframes delivered as S-LSA require owners to submit a form for replacement of, say, an instrument no longer available, even if the part is tso'd and identical in function. The manufacturer says it will turn the requests around in a timely manner so it seems to acknowledge the situation. Legend might have such a procedure.
Most S-LSAs have been converted to E-LSAs. If it has not then yes you have to get the manufacturer to approve of or do the work. Back in the day this was a bone of contention because Cub Crafters would have to overhaul the engine and recover their Sport Cubs because they had no manual.

I did get a letter from Legend to substitute a small tailwheel with a Baby Bushwheel on an AL11 with no problem.