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Electrical system


Hutchinson, MN
I just recently purchased a PA11 that has a full electrical system...nav, landing, interior, etc lights; battery, electric start, rain gear, alternator (experimental). To the question....what are your thoughts on the pros and cons of removing the full electrical system? Am I benefiting by reducing the weight or am I sacraficing safety by hand proping, etc???
Thanks for your opinions...Butch
Light flies better. Starter is nice to have too. Aviation is full of compromises. I'm building up my L18C/PA18-95 with a C90-12 but blocking off the accesories to keep it light with no electric. The nice thing is when I get tired of hand propping I can always put the electrical system on. I think that will probably be in my old age. I love flying light.
What is rain gear? Do the windshield wipers have to be running when you press the button?

Seriously, if the thing is legal, I'd leave it alone. It is now almost impossible to get things like starters and generators approved. It is not dangerous to hand-prop a Cub, since it can be done with one hand on the throttle. However, they tell me it is illegal, and the AOPA lists hand propping as one reason to send them $29 for legal insurance. Since I hand-prop at least four times a week (since 1962) I figure I'll need all the legal help I can get!

I was looking for just such a bird for training - all I could find were great deals without electrics! My partners wouldn't hear of it!
All that electrical stuff is nice, but on a PA11 with only 1220 lbs. grossweight, it virtually makes it a one man airplane. Check out your empty weight and see whay useful load you have.
Thanks for the responses thus far.....just want to add some things based on the comments that were made.

Bob--I was referring to starter ring gear (misspelled it...sorry).

More history on the aircraft....it's registered as experimental, built through the 80's in Canada. It has just under 400 hrs tt. (powered by an O235) According to the blueprints and paperwork it's empty weight is 954. It's rated at 1650 gross per registration. Keep in mind that it was built as an experimental with a lot of the upgrade mods such as struts, strut attachments, extended baggage, PA18 torque tube, dual wing tanks, fittings, etc. Also, I purchased it with a set of floats to use in the future. Will this throw a wrench into hand propping/safety? I am a low time pilot looking to pursue this as an interest. The locals have been expressing that the weight is a disadvantage. I'm torn because the locals do not have the advantage of an electrical system. Am I reading too much into this??