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EAA Young Eagles (New Rules)

When I read about the pilot from the airport that I fly out of (Anoka), and who likely belonged to the Anoka EAA Chapter 237, one can see that there is a concern when there is not due consideration given to the guidelines that EAA spells out in their Youth Protection Policy.


The person in question was not a member of EAA Chapter 237. You know what 'assume' does!

He was not a suspect nor was he charged until after he had flown a number of Young Eagles. When he was charged his career as a Young Eagles pilot ended abruptly. The point being that a background check would not have revealed any record of his having been improperly involved with minors. This is the hole in the whole thing. The background check will not reveal those who have not been caught and prosecuted and found guilty.

How many pedophiles are never prosecuted for lack of hard evidence, unwillingness of victims or unwillingness of parents or guardians to pursue charges.
GLers would say the euphorians are winning. The Mayor would give this a big long foghorn.
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I think the photography issue could be eliminated by simply requiring a release in exchange for the ride. That would satisfy the permission needed from the parents.

Also, if is a public gathering, and I think a YE event would qualify, on public property, or private property with the permission of the owner, photography is generally permitted regardless of what the EAA might say about it. I suspect from a legal standpoint, they really have no standing. I suppose they could boot you out of the EAA for disobedience...

But then again, I'm not a lawyer. :smile: