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I am in the process of converting a boat dock to a float plane dock. I'm on a lake that has numerous boat traffic that creates a lot of wave action. My question is, What is the best method of securing the plane to the dock (U shape) so that stress is not induced from the tie downs to the struts? Any suggestions? Gary
Anchor it out from the dock and let it weathervane into the wind. 50 Gallon barrel filled with concrete for an anchor works good. Tie the anchor to the prop. My dock has tons of 3"PVC on it...works great for the boats.
Most folks I know do not tie the wings to the ground, but rather the floats to the dock or shore. Tying the wings down in water that moves up and down will cause you problems if the ropes are too tight. If you are in a big wind you can always put water in your floats to add that extra weight that will keep the plane from flying. Anchoring the plane by a rope to the prop is a great way to do it if you do not mind being "off shore" where the plane can weather vane. See the Seaplane Pilots site for a drawing on how to make the prop bridal. Cranking the trim forward will also help in keeping it from flying. If you are on lake with that much wave action, maybe you should consider a lift, or a ramp to get the plane out of the water. The hardest part about a float plane is is the boat part, the flying part is easy.

SP dock

Take a look at my photo page. I have a 'U' shaped dock made from JETFloat modules and my rig has survived some gawd awful wind storms and fluctuations of water level. The plane is cross tied in the dock with wing lines that have rubber snubbers tied into them, which are directly over two of the dock anchors. Takes a minute or two to tie and untie everything but is easy to approach. And if I hit a little hard the whole thing springs forward without causing any damage.
Rob is Right:
If you have enough money to buy a a jet system. just buy anfibs. I priced a system last month it it costs 30,000. to do it right.
I use old tires partly underwater and ropes tied from the dock that are a little long with bungee cords tied in the middle of the rope that hold the floats against the tire without being held tight. Works great for holding the craft in place and if need be the rope takes over and keeps things tight. I get some good winds 25-30 mph and waves 8-14", no tide.
Jetfloat dock system

Jetfloat may be a bit pricey. I've had my set up for about fifteen yrs. and it certainly didn't cost 30K. There are competitive systems available. But in my opinion these docks are a good investment. They are beaver and muskrat proof, OK in salt water (if that's an issue), easy on your chines, stand up to 'racking' in rough water and are easy to transport and install. And break down for winter storage. Also it's very easy to change or add to the layout. My place on Lake Huron is solid granite. I chain the rig to the shore and use concrete anchors to hold it in place. It faces into the prevailing wind. Also use a piece of PVC pipe to brace the open end of the U, which is deep enough in the water to allow the floats to come and go. Ironically, I first saw this system in Juneau AK, but it was made in Missasauga ON. However, if you are in some very remote location maybe barrels and boards are a better solution.