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"Dining With the Stars" (no dancing)


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L. Ronstadt - J. Ingram Duet
Finally! "CloudDancer's Alaskan Chronicles" meets "Flying Wild Alaska" ! Yep! That's Yer's Trooly caught by the papparazzi (okay...our waitress really...) "breaking bread" with none other than Ms. Ariel Tweto of "Flying Wild Alaska" fame in KBUR (Burbank, CA.) last night. I had the lobster ravioli, while Ms Tweto went for a half-'n-half mussles an' clams entree. (Being an Eskimo girl through-'n-through, this was as close to muktuk an' seal oil as she could get on the menu.)

I gotta' tell ya'. What you saw on T.V., iz what she IZ! She is charming as hell! Funny! Absotively posilutely ADORES her parents! And she is one determined woman! Seriously.:up

Oh, an' did I mention she's a BABE! :love: Even in "sweats"! Man...if I wuz jus' 20 years youn...no. Better make that THIRTY years younger...(sigh)

Who am I kidding. Even if I WUZ 30 years younger...I think she might STILL kick my AZZ! :Ggurn:



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NICE! Mussels and clams are practically oysters, maybe she was trying to warm up to you more than you think?

I didn't know she volunteered for the make a wish foundation:bunny

Very cool Cloudy! just how many folks do you have in common friendship????

Be it is a bunch.
You have truly have out done yourself! If this was on a layover, you get extra creativity and style points!
A-a-aw SHUCKS BradleyG. Jus' doin' what I can to help spread a liddle cheer :p amongst mah SuperCubbin' friends. Thank yuz!;-)

An' by the way folks. If ya'll haven't dropped in on mah "CloudDancer's Alaskan Chronicles" Facebook page yet...yer cordially invited to. It's where I post ALL of my Alaskan and Alaska Chronicles related photos, an' some occasional innerestin' photos and videos frum mah "day job".