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DeltaHawk's Aircraft V-4 Turbo Diesel Engine in a PA-18?


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AK then OR then OH then VT
Would it be pretty cool to get an STC for the DeltaHawk's Aircraft V-4 Turbo Diesel Engine for a PA-18?


160 and 200 hp models, at 2,700 rpm
possible higher horsepower V-4 version (lower TBO)
jet-A (JP5) fuel, or #2 diesel where ambient temperatures are high enough to avoid gelling (above 20 degrees F)
BSFC = .39 lb/hp/hr
for a 1,000 nm trip in a Velocity at 65% power, this translates to:
40.9 gal Jet A for the V-4, versus
57.3 gal 100LL for Lycoming IO-360
lower part count and fewer potential leakage points than the current 4-cylinder gasoline-powered aircraft engines:
no cam shaft or valve train
no head gaskets to blow and no head bolts
fully doweled, four bolt main construction (12 studs)
inherently stout block and compact V-4 design
no ignition system
currently about 295 lbs including starter, oil pump, fuel pump, water pump, alternator, turbocharger, all internal lines and internal exhaust system
total installed weight with coolant, oil and heat exchangers is approximately 335 lbs

What do you all think?
Interesting, but heavy airplanes don't fly like light ones.

This ain't weight that can be poured-off, drained, or removed from the cabin for that extreme sheep strip, high altitude rescue, or shuttleing mission.

The photos make it look pretty beefy. Maybe it could be lightened in some ways.

Hey, try it out on YOUR Cub and let us know.

IRA, where the !&%@$)* is &$@(#&???

Dave Calkins.
The weight might not be as bad as you think. A typical O360 with Crosswinds STOL exhaust, light weight starter & alternator ready to go is about 286 lbs. with the A200 82-45 your adding about 38 lbs. The diesal could use a lighter prop maybe 20 lbs lighter because the delta hawk engine does not have any of the opposing forces generated by the gasoline engine. All in all the weight might balance out fairly resonable, plus you get another 20 H.P. In addition you can carry a lot less fuel because of the improved fuel economy. This link has some better comparisons.

At this point, I have to agree with Jim C. in his post on the other thread about this same engine.

It would be cool if one of you guys would bolt a diesel on and let us know what it can do.

And don't tell me you'll be swingin' a wood blade, either.

Irapilot...Still curious where the heck #$^$& is?

Dave Calkins.

Dave..Ira is saying @&%#$ because he had to leave AK and then finally ended up in OH. He should have put a period after the OH to show a new thought. To go from AK to a flat land of no interesting geographical features (other than Lake Erie) and swarming with grumpy law enforcement types :robot: tends to take its toll. Sorry Rick! :wink:
Grumpy law inforcement types in OH. HA try PA. for grumpy. A few years ago I got a $9000.00 overweight ticket in my dumptrailer. Now that's grumpy
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So, should ya'll drive through Ohio follow this advice...

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I have to agree about the flat lands although most of southeastern Ohio is quite nice with some very fast elevation changes. Ohio does border West Virginia where there are very few airports.

What is diesel? :drinking:
Numbers never lie

Is the diesel really heavier???
I'm not talking about the Delta Hawk because I think it has more in common with a Detroit deisel than an aircraft engine.
I'll use numbers from the certified French diesel(Renault) that could someday actually be bolted to a certified cub.

Consider that a stock 150HP Super Cub is burning 6gal/hour x 6#/gal = 36# of fuel an hour. (at best)
If the diesel burns (at best) 4gal/hour x 6#/gal = 24# of fuel an hour.
290 # diesel
270 # Lycoming

4 hour airplane ride.

diesel 290 + (4 x 24) = 386# to power the airplane
gas 270 + (4 x 36) = 414# to power the airplane

Even if my numbers are a little off, the point is clear.
Hi all,

you also might consider the new Thielert engine. It is based on a mercedes-benz 1700cc 4 cylinder inline turbo diesel: http://www.centurion-engines.com

It weights about the same as a O-320 (installed). Because of the lower revs (higher prop efficiency) and the constant speed prop the static thrust is supposed to be equal to an O-360.

Regarding the extremly high costs of avgas here in europe that would be a pretty cost effectivy setup......

Here's a diesel from the UK, Wilsch.
From memory the first flight was in an old J3 Cub, now they are aiming at Kits such as Vans and Europa. The 160 is lighter than the equivalent Lycoming (just). Interesting website lots of pics and engineering drawings.