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Dallas-Ft. Worth METRO-plex Area Dinner Conflab Ennybuddy?


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L. Ronstadt - J. Ingram Duet
Wuz thinking that, if there are enny DFW area followers of the WorldWide Grand PoohBah of SuperCubbers Everwhere that are innerested...

We might all meet up sumwherez in the Mid-Cities area an' throw on the feed bag together. Seems that there iz an opening on mah calender on January 26th, which iz a Saturday. SO if ennybuddy would like to git together fer sum "fellowship" that evening, Ah am open to suggestions.

Seems like there's a purty decent waterin' hole on ever other corner here. I could bring mah newest brown paper sack superhero disguise an' we could take sum pitchers of the :elefant::cheers:pty::bunny to post here. An' Ah'll make sure Ah have a writin' utinsel to autygraph enny copies of "CloudDancer's Alaskan Chronicles" you might have that need to be writ in.

If'n yer innerested...jus' shoot me a PM here or EMail me with yer Alexander Graham info at clouddancer@clouddancer.org an' Ah'll give yuz a call back.

Cloudy, I've been in Dallas for the last week and will be back a few days next week, too bad I won't be there for the 26th.

Carol and I live on the NW side of the DFW Metro Mess. If you are over this way we have a lot of good places to eat.
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