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Dakota fuel selector and vent lines


8)I have an early 47 pa-12. I’ve started installing the Dakota fuel selector and found that I have the 1/4 “vent lines,from both forward tanks plumbed above the headliner. The lines join a T and go down the left window pillar. The Dakota install pics have a Tee which looks to be capped to the forward position. Should the 1/4 in lines tie into the fuel valve? Plugged off? Would plumbing them to the valve decrease the chance for importing? I have vented fuel caps. I tried Dakota cubs a couple of times without success.

I’m not doing a rebuild so changing to 3/8 fuel lines would be difficult other than from the Tee to the valve. I might be stuck removing the tanks and changing to 3/8 fuel lines but I would think that the lines should not go thru the headliner and be more like the Cubcrafter system. Appreciate the feedback.


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On my '47, a vent line tied the two tanks together and went across the forward overhead tube near the top of the windscreen. It teed into a vent that went down to the top of the gascolator. The fuel feeds from the tanks went to the fuel valves and then to the gascolator. There was no fuel feed from the front of the tanks.

IMG_2140 annotated.jpg IMG_2160 annotated.jpg IMG_1366 annotated.jpg


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Wow Great pics. You are spot on! There is another fitting in the header tank bay that had me wondering. Actually was a good thing I looked. Those hoses are cracked and I found a couple of wiring things to improve on.


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