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Coyote Flats Airstrip and Bishop Airport (CA)


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Did a several hour flight around the Sierras today with my daughter, checked out Coyote Flats, wanted to see some of that area from the ground, but the wind was blowing pretty good; had about a 20 crosswind, and my skills don't reach that far yet, especially with my daughter in the backseat...haha

Got a couple good pics, but then had to drop into Bishop Airport to wait out the winds aloft (40+) in order to get back over the Sierra's heading west...

If anyone is wondering, Coyote Flats (10k) looked easily landable with just a few, maybe 6-10" tall sage brush growing sporadically. There was also a very note worthy sink at the northern end of the runway today, was barely able to get 200ft/min climb coming off my low flyby...prolly a newb mistake getting in there in the first place with those winds...