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Cow Creek Gold Nugget Locations


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Abbeville, Alabama

Turns out there was another gold nugget in Oregon - one of my old Cubs, 4083Z was based near Merlin for years. I was driving by it daily for years . . .

Happy flying.
Matt you left Florida for Alabama? what in world are you thinking? you had a wonderful spot down there in Hernando Beach!
Matt you left Florida for Alabama? what in world are you thinking? you had a wonderful spot down there in Hernando Beach!

Agree - but there was one slight problem in the last years there: the water kept rising. I won't get into the politics of that, but the fact was we were getting water under the house 3X a year when in the previous 40 years it happened once (1993). The neighbors ground level homes flooded - they moved out, the renters moved in and crime went from near zero to in the red. When I first came to Hernando Beach there were 6 homes - this is it now:


We went from a 28 mile run to the nearest grocery store to 750,000 people in the immediate area and green has been turned to asphalt. Heaven for some still - but not for us, we just left.

The yacht is now the 13 foot Whaler that was the tender for the Mischief (Great Loop Documentary Series - Final Voyage Of The Mischief YouTube Video Log 1) and the ocean is a reservoir - Walter F. George:


Instead of the monster house we're now in a 920 sq. ft. cabin:


Which goes back to how we were both raised and we're catching fish we both fished for when young too:



Traffic: got to be if I stepped out on the street I'd be run down at HB - here, if we get 4 cars an hour it's rush hour.

With this little place: Debt meter: 0 - Freedom meter: unlimited.

So for all those reasons and many many more - we finally did it.

Some news on the Mischief: we sold it and it became a dilapidated hulk in Maryland (we didn't know where it was for a long time) about to be scrapped. A couple from Indiana saw the Final Voyage series, fell in love with it and studiously tracked it down, bought it, dismantled it and trucked it to Kentucky Lake where it is almost rebuilt now to new. They have put a ton of time, effort and money into that boat and both are nearing 80 . . . Amazing.

Hope you are taking good care of the Boss and the both of you are having fun!

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