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Cleveland replacement wheels for 40-60


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I opted for the Cleveland wheel and brake conversion. However, when using wheel penetrating skiis, they require 6x6 tires and I really don't want to brake down my 8.5 x 6's each year. Guess I just don't want to screw up a tube. Talked to the tech support at Cleveland (Parker) and asked if any other wheels could be used to replace the 40-60 Clevelands. New guy on the phone and he didn't seem to think so. However, I can't believe it. Anyone out there using anything else on their Cleveland W&B conversion?
Not that anyone would do anything against factory, :eek: But if the bearings fit, and the disc is the correct size... what are the differences??? six bolt -three bolt, seem to all be the same. Unless you get the big ones for a Navajo....

But if you find a source for cheap wheels, let me know.
Alaska Gear ABI-40-60 wheel assemblies are FAA-PMA replacements. Each wheel assembly includes bearings, felt seals, disc, and bolts. It is an aluminum, six bolt wheel and slightly heavier. A set increased the empty weight 3.7 pounds on my Super Cub with Goodyear 8.50-6-6's, but did not move CG appreciably. ABI wheels are black, but Piper hub caps cover them. Bearings are made in China and I did repack them with Kaman's recommended grease Mobil SHC 100. I put them on at the last annual and so far am quite pleased. Also, aluminum is not as susceptible to corrosion and does not require special pre-paint treatment that magnesium does. Kaman (Cleveland) wheel assemblies and replacement parts are far more expensive than ABI.
Hope this helps.