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Cessna pre buy inspection

Speak with Leroy Muise at Columbia Aviation in Bar Harbor Maine 207-667-5534 It is less than a half hour flight and you will get a great prebuy. Leroy worked on my Comanche and was a great wrench. He now is General Mgr. up to Columbia.
Is it at Maine Aviation in Portland? If so, no straighter shooting family in Maine, great bunch with a great shop staff. Al Caruso is an active member here with a drop dead cub.

Dan Dufalt, aka cub amigo around here lives just northeast of PWM and is a good wrench and knows his way around Cessnas
I know of a couple more names of IA as well not far away

If you need someone to just cast an eye on it and send you some pix, I will be driving by on Sat afternoon, let me know.

What a dope forgot all about Dan Dufault aka Cub Amigo. Always think of him as a restorer of Cubs.