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Cessna fuel shutoff valve


Current project I’m working on has a cracked housing at the female pipe threads. Looking for a 0716111-1 fuel shut off valve that has pipe threads on both sides. It screws into header tank under the floor boards. Not a selector valve. There are none used or new on the market and unavailable through Cessna.

Has anyone had this housing made out of 7075 billet? Anyone have a valve?

Cessna A185E

McFarland lists one but they only repair them. They don’t sell replacements.


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I’d bet McFarlane needs your old one to repair and magically it’s returned brand new. Why does the ad say “new valves also available?”
I suggest using 6061-T6 instead of 7075 Al. 6061-T6 has good strength, easy to machine and much improved corrosion resistance over 7075, especially if anodized after machining. 7075 Al has excellent strength but poor corrosion resistance.