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Bush Pilot syndrome news item updated

Unable to access article. I would've really liked to see it. The "bush pilot syndrome" has accounted for many, many lost lives over the last four decades. Pilots and passengers both.

Used to be, in the days before VOR's and runway lights in the villages (much less GPS and approaches) that the second winter and trhe area from around 2000 to 2500 hrs was the most dangerous. Thought you'd (I'd) seen it all in the FIRST winter. Survived damn near killing myself three of four timers the second winter only to realize I HADN'T yet "seen it all".

Somewhere around the fourth or fifth winter I finally learned that when the passengers said [trying to get me to go against my own (still developing) better judgement] "Well....Ol' So-'n-so can do it ....". And they'd leave that hanging in the air as an incentive. The CORRECT answer to that one wuz...."Well, I suggest you go and FLY with Ol' So-'n-so then!!"