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Building a Javron Cub

Absolutely gorgeous Bill ! Been a long road back, but look at the beauty you have now... enjoy! Mom for a ride, now that's something special.
Brad Thornberg is a VERY gifted photographer. Thank you Brad........





Also an excellent pilot. He flew my Cub like he had been flying it all summer. Thank you Brad!!


Had a nice, but much too short, visit up North with Jay DeRosier, of Javron.


On Pelican Lake, MN.


Jay at the Brainerd airport.



Living the dream.

Bill, i dont know if im saying this in the right way, but i bet Jay is as proud of his work as you are. Makes life a great thing.

Thanks for the kind words. The system seems to be working great. The manual pump takes about 15 strokes to extend and 13 to retract. Brad, Andy and Jay all had a chance to fly it and try it out. Perhaps they will post their opinion. I'm pretty biased.

I updated the index.

Here are a couple more Brad Thornberg (Cubus Maximus) pictures. Many Thanks to Brad for the photos. He is Blessed with great talent.




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Very nice airplane and very nice photos. Dear old friend Duffy Gaier of Marshfield, Wi FBO (86 years) has a sign in his office ---"Three kinds of people make up the world" # 1--there are those who make things happen.( Bill, Jae and Brad)---# 2 those who watch things happen---and # 3 those who wonder "what happened??"---Number three--geezer Dan--HA !

Your photo's of this post are remarkable. I don't know what you're doing, but they seem to have a "screen" or a "glaze" of some kind that makes the light & shadow quite beautiful. Good job! I don't recall ever seeing digital photographs with this character. Light is the key and apparently you have mastered it.
Thanks! Part of the reason for the "look" is shooting in RAW and editing with shadow/highlight tool in photoshop. Then I try and use black point to draw things more natural. Plus edit initially with Lab or ProPhoto RGB. Zane dislikes the end results and Steve wants me to shoot at lower shutter speeds, but if I keep practicing maybe I can get it closer to their valid points. Anyway, it's great fun to practice! That just means I get to fly the Cub more! 8)






Brad, those are fantastic shots. That one over the fall colors is amazing, I also like the one of Bill's freshly combed hair... :)

Brad, those are fantastic shots. That one over the fall colors is amazing, I also like the one of Bill's freshly combed hair... :)


Back in 2002 I suggested that Steve consider publishing a Super Cub calendar. The main reason I suggested it was due to the spectacular photos that Brad ( and others) were posting on this site. Its good to see that he quality of his photos is still outstanding.
As always, when I see any of Brad's photos, the first thing that comes to mind is simply "Wow!!!".

Great plane, great photos.

I can't say enough good things about Brad - AKA Cubus Maximus - he is a great photographer. Very very talented.


Here is a photograph of the photographer while he was flying my Cub. He looks like he is having fun. (Note - I used his camera, hehehe).
Darn good pilot too, I might add.

Did you account for dollars and cents like you did grams ounces and grams? Care to divulge the total expense?

It it is pretty. Enjoy.

Have you found Piper's published airspeed indicator color markings fit pretty well for your speeds? I'm about to order my ASI and need to provide marking info to the manufacturer. My airplane is a standard width Javron, ECI O-340, and round wing tips.

Thank you,
After seeing that picture and SJ's comment I went and got a haircut today. :roll:

Stewart - Check PM's

LGB - Glad to hear it all worked out. I love the electric trim

Keith - Yes, that will be close enough that you will not be able to tell the difference.


I was fortunate to be able to let a couple of folks fly the Cub, and gave an unexpected (but certainly not unwelcome) guest his first floatplane ride, and recurrency flight.


I was privileged to have an opportunity to let Jim fly the Cub this week. Jim helped with my first build and again with this one. Excellent pilot, mechanic, and good friend. Thank you Jim.


Many of you know MMR. He has been in the SC.org community since the very beginning. He was at the first New Holstein gathering and has been to all but one of the last 15 or so gatherings. He was also at the Johnson Creek SC gathering before it became THE EVENT. Mark and I have made several trips to Canada and had a lot of "Cub" fun over the years. He was a huge help on this build and we enjoyed a lot of "Saturday build sessions" He flew on floats almost like he was a floatplane bush pilot. Thank you Mark


Glenn dropped in and we were able to get in a ride. Welcome back, buddy.

I have been so Blessed to have good friends in my life. Thank you all.

I think the plane makes the photos! Thank you very much for sharing.

Bill, I like the close up of you smiling. Bet you a bed for a few nights that we can make that reappear up here next summer!
George - Thank you. Lord willing I hope to make the trip North for the Trade Show, on Amphibs. Then right after the show head down into the SE for a couple of weeks. So...... look for me right after the Trade Show. We need to talk, I have lots of questions. Thanks
PS - I try not to take a bet I know I'm going to lose.

Spent the day in North Wisconsin with Cal and Mark. A good day on floats!!

The main airport is 22 miles, the sheltered lake is 4 miles, we got you covered Bill.

Reading some of the back discussion, you drilled the break discs and talked about the brake pads wearing quickly. Did you chamfer the edges or leave them square?

Anyway, keep us posted on how the pump works, and how locations of everything works compared to anticipated.
My take on the amphib manual pump is it works great and positioning is about as good as you can expect. Didn't love it at first (wanting to just throw the switch, and what's this dumb johnson bar on the right side? :-? 8) ), but then okay, we are back to old school hydraulic skis and ended up actually liking it.
There may be a slight safety aspect to it as well as there is so much involvement, you can hardly slip into forgetting to put the gear up or down when float flying. And at 13/15 pumps up/down, it's a shorter time frame than typical ski installs. At least the ones I'm familiar with.

Bill did a nice clean job of the install and it feels rock solid when using it:
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