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Building a Javron Cub

1043. Congrats Bill. I may have to make a trip down your way to see your latest handiwork. Looks great!

From Post 154

# "Bungee landing gear. The die spring gear weighs 167.22oz, the bungee set up weighs 127.605oz. Saving 39.615oz or 2.45 pounds. Yes, I will have to replace bungees and incur more time and cost over die springs. It is not as good as AOSS but it is MUCH lighter. You will have to decide what works for you. This works for me."

Bill, Is that the weight for each leg or both? I am moving towards the Super-12.com system and want to measure apples to apples.


Won't be long Bill and you'll have that new pink Airworthiness Certificate in your hand and a big smile on your face.

Whatever the empty weight is, you've got a fantastic airplane that will perform wonderfully.
You guys are great. I'll update the board when I get home.

tcraft128 - I'll check and post when I get home.

Kirby - would be really funny if Doc Randy won LOL

Really stoked for you Bill! 90% done and 18% to go.:) Can't wait! Since miscellaneous isn't defined, from what I know and what I see, my best guess is 1039#s. Assuming no oil and no unusable fuel for the sake of the "not a contest," contest. Where ever she ends up, she's gonna fly great and look great. Was the lead ballast added during this weight, if not, will it be added for the contest weighing? Finish her up and lets go fly!

I sense you will be happy with whatever weight it turns out to be but I'm in for 1075.

Also, want to tell you your idea to use parallel jaw pliers to squeeze flush rivets is a wonder to behold!! I bought some awhile back but just got around to trying them today...they work great...thanks for the idea!!!
tcraft128 - that is for BOTH legs.

Skup - LOL

Lowrider - wish I could take credit but that idea came from Jason Gerard. He has forgotten more than I'll ever know.


Good Fun

You guys are great. I'll update the board when I get home.

tcraft128 - I'll check and post when I get home.

Kirby - would be really funny if Doc Randy won LOL


Nah you are not only blessed but great!. There are others who might contribute as much to this site but I keep being drawn back to this thread. I've looked at other SC construction manuals and wonder if all the lessons, pictures, tips, etc. of this thread couldn't be combined into a Javron manual.
Nocub -Thank you for the kind words. I would like to work with Javron to do a manual sometime (after mine is done) and I also plan to condense and coalesce the info from this thread into another thread without all the extraneous stuff like.....skydiving, juggling, visits on overnights etc, so that those who are just looking for "how to info" won't have to sift through so much BS to find what they are after. It will be a separate thread so this one remains "as is" for those who are REALLY bored and want to follow all the banter.

Spent the last couple of days working on the electrical and avionics stuff. Ordered a bunch of stuff and no doubt forgot a few things. I should have more good stuff to post next week.
Thanks to Buck who whipped up a wiring diagram.(He is amazing) After we make a few inevitable changes I'll post it (with Bucks OK). I know Darrell Starr posted a great one here somewhere as well.

Jay over at Javron is making up some good stuff as well. I think he found a light weight plywood for floorboards that is almost as light as the carbon fiber stuff at a fraction of the cost. He is making the cabin air box so the lever operates with the cable from the top, so you don't have to make a huge 270 degree loop in the cable. Tie down rings, throttle cable clamps etc. Lots of good stuff coming from Javron. I'll report more soon, with the usual pictures.

Hope this helps

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Here's some MORE BS to delete...
Won't be long before you quit writing about building, & start writing about flying that damn thing! :)
Good on ya Bill.
Logan - if all goes according to plan (yea...Riiiight) I will see you in Aug.

Mark and Cal came over on Sat and we got a little done. Mark worked on the jury strut install and cal worked on an inspection cover in the tail area. Then Buck stopped by later in the evening and helped me (or I helped him) crimp some co-ax cable for the radio antenna and transponder antenna.


Cal's project. Rear inspection cover. I did not put an access panel under the elevator, ooops, thus we had to do it after the cover and paint. If you have not covered yet don't forget this one. It is really tough to work up in there from the bottom. I managed to do it on my last build, but I have the extra tubes in the tail for the adjustable CG on this Cub, so I can't get my hands and arms up there.


Got the fuel flow transducer/sender installed. EI FT-90 unit sometimes referred to as the gold cube


Fabricated a battery box. I still need to cut in some lightening holes, and a few other finish items but this is a roughed in shot.


Here is my battery box plan, in case someone does not want to design their own. I used an "Ultra Bat-13" battery from AC Spruce on the last Cub and it worked great. I am using the EarthX 36C this time but I made the box big enough to hold the Ultra Bat just in case the EarthX does not work out.


This is what the pattern looks like prior to bending.

Hope this helps


Chipping away. Have not been able to work on it as much as I would like but still going.


Completed battery box.


When cutting the large wires (#4 or so) it is better to use a cut off wheel rather than side cutters. It keeps the "crush" deformation down.


I used this tool to put the ring fittings on. You may need to borrow this or have a shop make up these wires.


You just screw the clamp down and it does a really nice crimp. Nothing like the right tool. :)


Where I located the master and starter relays. They are out of the way so you are less likely to drop a wrench on them or hit them with a screwdriver thus causing a short. Basically you can mess around in the engine compartment and not worry about a shock, or short. Short wires and still accessible. Just one way to locate them. Lots of other ways and they will all probably work. You don't have to do it this way, I'm just offering how I did it.


Connected the master and starter relay with a brass bar.


Got the sight gauges and tie down rings from Javron. Very nice. Wish I could weld like that.

Hope this helps

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