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Building a Javron Cub

I am installing a Catto prop on my new experimental. I find that the prop bushings just barely protrude through the flywheel. Where did you obtain the long prop bushings. I spoke to Catto and he referred me to another web site that sells prop extensions.
Thanks Tim. I was on the road today. That is the place Charlie. Tell the guy what you have and he will fix you right up. Great prices and great service.

Yes, Bill was on the road this week...





I did have to make a road trip and as long as I was up that way, I managed to do a little visiting. I did fly with Brad (Cubus Maximus) and he is just a REALLY talented photographer. We need to encourage him to send in his stuff for calendar photos. Here is a link to his photo album http://www.supercub.org/photopost/member.php?uid=43&protype=1


Brad with his Cub which flies really nice. Just feels good.

Stopped in and had lunch with my good friends Randy (Windonhisnose) and wife - Julie. Got to see his facility. Wow, world class impressive. Randy and Julie make the world a better place. Dropped off a Warner engine NW of MSP then met up with Brad. Next morning I went to see Jay DeRosier at Javron.


Jay expanded his shop to accommodate a growing Supercub Kit business. This is all new and he is also getting better organized to improve turn around time.




It might be a little tough to see but Jay is now also offering square tail feathers.


Don't feel like welding your own seat. In stock.


Other side of the new shop. When he can, Jay also does work on other tube aircraft. Here
he is working on a shortwing Piper. He also has a Travel Air biplane fuselage in the shop getting some rusted tubes replaced.


In the main shop, these machines have recently been sold and when they are picked up this area will be the new "wing building area".


Tray of dies for fuselage channels to be used in this press........



More to follow.

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Received a vee cabane from Jay. At that price, I won't be doing it. Welds are just perfect. Wish they were closer to me...

Jig for J-3, PA-11, PA-18 and widebody PA-18. His jig for the PA-12 is out being sandblasted and painted




Jay has been experimenting with different welding techniques for his tanks. He then bends and tests to failure. He is about to get this finalized.


Fuel tank baffle


Lip inside the tank gives more contact area for the weld. Less failure prone.


By putting an angle on the front of the tank you can avoid welding the tube in for the aileron cable.


Jay sells a very nice sight gage


A whole box of sight gages




More organization


Flap and aileron parts. Jay was buying ribs from another vendor but made his own dies so now he can make this part in house saving time and money.


Flap/aileron nose rib die


And FINALLY, while I was there we opened the first boxes of wing rib parts. These have been a long time coming for a variety of reasons.


Wing ribs. YAHOO!!!


Part of the reason it has taken so long to get past this hurdle is there are a LOT of parts to this. There are a lot of different ribs and even more combinations. This is a partial diagram of the combinations depending on if it is round or square tipped, 13 or 16 rib, flap or no flap, left or right, 18 or 24 gal tank, etc etc. LOTS and LOTS of parts here and they all have to be just right. We weighed an old Smithcub wing panel while I was in the shop, and a new panel, and there is going to be about 25 pounds difference per panel in the wings. And these have been stress tested (a little more to go in that area), to 2200 pounds.

So the wing ribs are in and I anticipate Jay will be building wings soon. He is well aware that he has some orders that need to get filled in this area. I believe that around the first of the year he should be caught up and then in a position to fill orders in a more timely fashion. The quality is, and will be, outstanding.

It is fun for me to visit the shop and I am always amazed at the amount of detail and the number of parts required to put this all together. To those guys like Christian, Don Paddock and others that are scratch builders, I am once again in awe of your ability and determination. It is another level up when you try to set up to do this over and over, as in production, and to make sure that all the parts are exactly alike and dimensioned the same so they are interchangeable and reproduceable. My hat is off to Jay.

Hope this helps

Sooo..... after visiting with Jay I had to go visit another good friend.

Known to you as scout88305


With his 100 pound lap dog, Jack.


What a cool house.


Deer in Scout's backyard


Lakefront from Scouts backyard


Went to see this cabin.

Had a great visit and dinner with he and Tess. Great people.
So after all this I am driving home from Northern MN and I stop in a little town in Northern Wisconsin to get gas and eat. I am in a little local diner in the middle of NOWHERE and a guy comes up and asks if I'm Bill Rusk. My first thoughts are....like....I've never seen you or your wife, it wasn't me with your daughter, I didn't steal your horse, you know things like that, but like an idiot I said yes. He says we have never met (I started breathing again) but he had read my thread here and seen my picture and he recognized me from my picture. Thats pretty scary. Turns out he is scratch building a Cub and I made a new friend. Don Paddock has posted pictures on the site here but not made any other posts. Here is a link to his photo album http://www.supercub.org/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=6628

I went to his shop and here are a few photos. Don is like Mike Skup (mike mcs repair). Super talented. Has every tool known to man and KNOWS how to use them. Really neat guy. We had a great visit. A really weird, chance encounter that turned out quite nice.


Don with his scratch built Cub. He built EVERYTHING from scratch.


Neat dual door/window combination.



He built his own die to stamp his ribs. Too bad Jay did not know him.


Rib die


Wings almost done


Ailerons under construction


Don has a couple of pet deer too


His pet Doe.

So I met another Supercub builder that is super talented and will probably, like Christian Sturm, finish a scratch built Cub in less time than it takes me to build a kit.
Man...what a blow to my fragile (haha) ego. There is a lot of talent out there. Anyone near Rice Lake, WI that needs help, Don is your go to guy.

Off to work

That surely is something. I gave my TV away six years ago, and it looks like I'm going to have to get rid of the radio, now. Apparently, Don has determined between what matters and what doesn't. Just this day we've seen four or five people (here, on the forum) who have accomplished great things, on their own, from scratch, and generally outside their primary field of education / training. What is common amongst them is their interest and constancy to purpose.
WOW.... Ask Jay if he needs a welder. Im sure my wife wouldnt mind spending the winter down south ---If I could find gainful employment.
Hi Bill. Hope all is well with you. Jay's workmanship is very impressive. If I was building a kit Cub, there is no doubt I would be going to him. Thank you for sharing these photos.

I'm interested in Don's window/door. Don, if you're out there, what material did you use and other details will be greatly appreciated Sir!!

OH, Bill, your posts are great too!!
Fabric Weights

Weight of surface pre-cover Vs weight after cover, stitching, tapes, and glue. Ready for - but no - primer or paint.

Rudder - 63.48oz - 64.37
Left stab - 78.70 - 79.66
Right stab - 78.60 - 79.30
Left elevator - 72.6 - 73.0
right elevator - 72.30 - 72.64

Bottom line.......fabric, (glue, stitching, and tapes) doesn't weigh anything. On each surface it added less than 1oz and on the elevators closer to 1/2oz. All five tail surfaces combined added 3.29oz.

Just thought you would like to know

Wow!! That's certainly an eye opener...may have shot down my rational for using carbon fiber on my flaps and ailerons.

Thanks Bill!!
Great to see the wing parts arriving. Won't be long till you start building yours huh?

Hey guys. I need a little help here, well..... actually.... Javron needs help, and ultimately a couple of our Supercub.org guys.

Jay is trying to ship a couple of kits to AK (Anchorage area) and he is getting REALLY high quotes. In fact it was cheaper to ship a container to Australia than the quotes he is getting to AK.

I know we have talked about shipping before and I recall we had some really good recommendations so I am asking, on behalf of Jay and a couple of great guys in Alaska, for shipping recommendations/help.



Heading to Ak this week.

Jay, I was leaving Wednesday to Ak with a load of trusses. It may be Thursday or Friday now as I am delaying for weather. Have him contact me and if I can help I will. ------ Tom
bill & jay,
i hauled kits for nick smith & back country cubs,was getting $ 2000.00 per kit delivered to ak. customers location,from homer to wasilla.no damage,no compliants. what are your prices so far?

jr. hammack

Try Alaska Marine Lines in Seattle. They run barges from Seattle to Skagway regularly and the prices are hard to beat. Thats how I got my tubing up here from Wag. 1/3 tge cost of trucking
AML is part of Lynden which also includes Alaska rail belt marines which goes to Whittier, and trucked via Lynden transport and Alaska west express... also in summer now western alaska via northland services.