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Bearhawk Aircraft (The kit company) sold to builder.


Middlebury, VT
Mark Goldberg, originator and owner of AviPro, the Bearhawk kit company, sold it to Virgil Irwin, builder/owner of a Model 5.

Virgil has a new website up already and is moving the distribution point from Mark's ranch in Texas up to Virgil's homestead in Oklahoma. He has already instituted his plans to build upon the existing foundation, adding and improving as time goes on.

Wow--I'm somewhat surprised by this. I've spoken to Mark many times over the years, although not for a couple of years. Good for him though that he knew when it was time to move on. I don't know Virgil as I'm not in the BH world, but best-of-luck to him!

Thanks for posting this!
It was my understanding that aviation writer Budd Davisson was involved with that company at one time?
I completely agree with Brandon. Virgil’s a good, likable guy. Nice to see a younger guy in the mix.