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Backcountry NYC area for PA18 pilot from Germany?


Hi, I am a passionate PA18 pilot with own Super Cub (built 1967) based and operated in Germany. Business brings me from to time to NY and I wanted to ask if anyone in this forum has an idea / recommendation where I can do some backcountry flying either together with an instructor at a commercial flight school operating a PA18 - or „private“ on the backseat (of course against payment) with anyone operating his Super Cub in wider area around NYC. I have a valid EASA PPL license but do not plan to validate into an FAA license at this point, want to see first how things go with flying in the US. So can t charter a plane on my own. I tried e.g. several times with Andover flight academy which was mentioned in older posts but they don‘t reply to any messages (not sure if they are not interested in new customers or have a serious issue with their web form…). Next time I will be over in May and have blocked the full weekend of May 21/22 for hopefully some hours in the air. Thanks for your help! Alex
I think the OP said he tried Andover several times with no response. Maybe your link is better.