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AOPA Pilot Passport


How many SC.ORGers here are familiar with the AOPA Pilot Passport Program?


It started in April, but hasn’t been very well promoted by AOPA, but that is pretty good for me and for btracy. The way it works is you download the AOPA app onto your phone and then use your phone to check in at the airports you go to. Each check-in adds to your AOPA Pilot Passport total points. There are some token monthly prizes that don’t amount to much, so it’s mostly bragging rights on the number of points. Pretty straightforward.

Something a bit peculiar about the Passport program. It’s perfect for the zippy Cirrus, RV and even C-180 planes that can get from airport A to airport B and on to airport C in the blink of an eye, adding check-in on top of more check-ins. But it’s not working out that way so much. Two out of the current top three AOPA Pilot Passport point-holders are Cubs!

The point of this thread is to encourage you to get out there and go look at the whites of the eyes of America in your Cub or other plane of choice. Btracy and I need some competition! We are thinking about starting a GoFundMe campaign to help keep us in the lead!!

Go Fly!

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Just one trip to South Dakota will put you in the runnin


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Washington State DOT-Aviation has a similar "pilot passport" thing going on. Dunno if they have an app,
but they've distributed stamps for stamping the passport at a bunch of airports.
A couple guys came into the café at my airport and got nothing but blank looks
when they asked the waitress "can you stamp our passports?".
It didn't help that we're an "international airport" with Customs service available.
The North Dakota Passport program is going to be hard to beat. We were able to find all 89 stamps easily. The location was described in the passport.
Anything to promote aviation is a good thing!!

How come I keep looking but don't say any of you at 9AA9?
Anything to promote aviation is a good thing!!

How come I keep looking but don't say any of you at 9AA9?

there is still too many places that I haven’t seen in the lower 48. When I head north I want to be able to go for at least a month