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AOPA Hang Out Tampa


Hey folks, if you’re in the southeast, consider joining us at AOPA’s second “Hang Out” fly in event, at Tampa Executive Airport! Festivities start next Friday, November Fourth, and continue Saturday the Fifth.

The format of these events emphasizes camping on field, exhibits, presentations, and activities, including a STOL Demonstration both days! Come by the “STOL Corral” or the presentation tents and say hello!

The event in Spokane was relaxed and lots of fun, and Tampa promises to be even better!

Here’s a link with all the info: https://aopa.org/news-and-media/all...Pz1VsfZd3UDeo3EzwqSGo8K0Pj6WoeCvk74BlzbKpT9-U

Come visit, and you may see more than one Super Cub.org Regular!

See you there!

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I’ll be there along with Jay Stanford hanging out at the STOL demo corral.