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Anybody know of banner tow operations around Spokane, WA?

Chris in Idaho

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This is my first post here. My name's Chris and I have grown up around aviation. When I was 4 years old, my dad (D.A. on the forum) made a living towing banners with a 600hp AgCat. I have only one flight in a tricycle gear airplane and I wish I could give it back, on my 16th birthday I soloed a Citabria. I'm 24 now and want to start flying again and pursue a career in aviation. I'm currently living in North Idaho and am wandering if anybody knows of a banner tow operation around here. I'm short on cash but would like to get a job working weekends in exchange for flying time and eventually work towards my commercial license and then fly for the operation. I could be useful to an operation like this because I've been around a few of them and helped out a lot.

Any advice would be great.

banner towing job

Not in Washington ,but what your looking for if you have a commercial BANNER PILOT NEEDED to finish 2008 season, tailwheel time a must. Good pay w/housing provided. MD/(410) 641-2484.
Thanks for the link. That's the type of operation I'm interested in, I'll email them to see if they ever get out to this neck of the woods, or if they know who does.
Tell me about towing, do you like it? Do you use a Super Cub?

I'd love to take advantage of that offer, but I don't have my commercial yet. I'll keep that number for when I do. Thanks.

Thanks everybody,
banner outfit....

Chris, if your looking for a banner outfit? A guy in Olympia has a set up he might part with, Gower Flying Service, Elden Gower...I sold it to him many moons ago, I dont think he ever used it?

Good Luck

I've never seen a banner operation out here. We have glider ops, that's about it.
Thanks, at some point I'll probably want to start doing this on my own and I'll need to find equipment, I'll keep Elden's name handy.

That's a good thought, a glider operation would serve my needs just fine. Do you know of a specific outfit around here?

Thanks for the info. Next time I'm around Yakima I'll check his operation out.

Anybody else have advice for an aspiring young pilot?