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Anybody here in Middle TN?


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Any members in Middle Tennessee? I’m building my first airplane. Just curious who’s there. I’m flying a 172 now, and have a shop/strip at the house. I am building a PA-12 clone / Experimental. I’ll definitely be looking for some help here and there.
I'm in Murfreesboro. I'm not a builder so probably can't offer much help in that regard but I'm pretty well versed on where to fly for lunch... :)
There are some Tennessee folks here, I’ve met some I’ve the years. The Lebanon EAA chapter has some really sharp folks too.
Private strip 1 hour drive more or less south of Nashville. I grew up in the Inskip area. My love for aviation started at the Powell STOL port when I was 7.
I'm in Chattanooga. Refurbished a PA-11. Didn't do the covering so no help there. There is a stearman guy in our local chapter who knows a bit about covering. We had a guy in North Georgia who did great covering but I think he is getting out of the business.

My sister has land near Pulaski.