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Another Bearhawk Patrol

In the woods
I've been working on this one for a little over a year and making good progress lately. This is a standard Bearhawk Patrol kit with a few custom add ons. O360 built by Bob Barrows, Hartzell Trailblazer prop. Gun box under the rear seat. Added rear baggage area. Amsafe SOARS airbag seat belts. Solar panel battery charger. Retractable pull handles. Vetterman exhaust. Sport Aircraft Seats. It will eventually be on 31's and Datum skis for winter. It won't be the lightest one out there but should be a real nice plane. Painting wings now and then final assembly.


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You have given enough clues that this Patrol will used off airport. Why is there no hinge on the baggage door? It must be removed completely when opened. Then where do you put it so that it will not be damaged? Wind blowing it away. Stepping on it by mistake etc. When operating away from civilization, the fewer parts you have which are not attached to the plane, the better off you are. A hinge along the bottom of this door would solve any questions.

That’s funny but true Tom. But, there’s a guy collecting some data from Bearhawk owners currently. It will be interesting to see where it stacks up as there is a very early Bearhawk with 3800 hrs they say. Those would all be the original 4 place, but good to see others do fly some as well. There may be more guys with 1000 hrs BH seat time than we think. 🤔